Great Perks: $250 Fine

Working for BART is really different than when I was riding BART on a daily basis to SFO for work. Now that I am on the inside, I look at BART related things in a different light.

There are a few BART themed blogs out there I read, while not really posting any of my opinions or comments. I figure I can do that here. I caught a story in the Contra Costa Times titled, BART dares riders to buy coffee at stations but not drink it on a train, which discusses the new Peet’s Coffee kiosks that will open at select stations through out the BART system.

It is interesting to note that food and drink, while not allowed on the trains are also not allowed in the paid areas of the stations. These new kiosks, which will provide a new stream of revenue for BART will be outside the stations for riders to purchase their drinks.

There was also an increase to $250 fine if a rider is caught by BART Police while sipping their favorite “fuffy” drink or eating their favorite muffin. From personal experience I don’t arrive early to any station prior to boarding my train. I plan on walking down to the platform and boarding my train. Many riders are like this, especially the commuters, some who I have seen with their warm, morning drink in their cup.

Speaking of cups, there is also a plan in the work to explore the possibility of an adult sippy cup, which would allow riders to enjoy their beverage [safely] without the risk of spilling the drink, staining the [usually dirty] seat cushions or floor.

While the idea behind the revenue stream is interest, we will have to see if the ridership will wake up and smells the coffee.