That Damn XBox 360!

While not down to the last straw, I am getting pretty damn close. This past week I got the “Red Ring of Death” on my XBox 360. AGAIN! For f*ck sake, can’t Microsoft or whoever they hell they contract out to get this right?

This is the second of such instances, after returning 3 brand new XBox 360’s to the retail shops I bought them at a few years back. I had hoped all my DVD-Rom issues were resolved when I received my 360 back last year, with a…WOW…1 month FREE to XBox Live.

I guess they did not take into consideration it took nearly 8 weeks for them to get their shit together, send me a box in order to send in my defective product back. This after numerous phone calls that seemed to go in one ear and out the other. Guess that is what large monopolies can do.

So *sigh* I seat here at work wondering how long and what sort of hassle I will have to endure this time around in order to get my XBox 360 fixed. If it’s 8 weeks again, I am sending Microsoft my XBox 360, C.O.D. with a nasty letter. I am tired of their average product that is either unfinished or unreliable.

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