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I think we will all agree, “free” is a good thing. But what is the saying, “nothing in life is free.” Gamers ALWAYS want free stuff, from swag to energy drinks to computer hardware, nothing is off limits for gamers. If they can get their hands on it, without having to pay for it, they consider it a score!

I am thumbing through the February 2008 issue of Games for Windows and notice two pages in the Editor-in-Chief talking about free games listed in this issue of GfW. Of course my first thought it, ah cool Urban Terror is free (100% with the stand alone version) our game should be listed.

Well I could not be more surprised at the amount of crap they listed in the magazine as “free”, now I know why much of this software was free, because its absolute garbage! Okay, to be fair there are some games that appear to be interesting, but for the hardcore and even amateur gamer, most will not play these.

We must also take into account that Quake III Arena is dead and very few pay any attention to this game or any mods. The magazine lists a GTA mod, a Half-Life mod, a Battlefield 2 mod and a Command & Conquer mod as some of the “free” games to download. I won’t rush to judgment here, but why the hell is Urban Terror NOT included? Oh yeah, I just said why, it’s Quake III and that game is dead.

It’s unfortunate too because this would have been very good exposure for the game, considering how complete it is after nearly 9 years of development. It is strongly supported by the development team and community that continues to play the game regardless of how old the engine is.

So what’s our recourse here? Well, do as I do and piss and moan about it. Or you can write the editor and ask him, “Why the hell was Urban Terror not included?” In all fairness, I am sure there are many mods/games in our position (maybe) looking for a break. But I do feel the game was done an injustice. Out of curiosity I went to the GfW site and looked at the 101 Free Games of 2008. There was nada as it relates to Urban Terror.

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