20 Year Reunion

It’s with much regret that I missed out  on a great opportunity to visit with high school friends, fellow  teammates and ex-flings this past weekend as Poway High School Class of 1987 celebrated their 20 year high school reunion.

Due to my responsibility to training I could not take a ‘sick day’ or ‘AB 109’  with a clear conscience. In retrospect, I should have. I know for a fact I missed out on a great time with many whom I wanted to see for the  past 10 years since I was not at the 10 year reunion dinner very long  the last time our graduating class got together.

I am currently  scrolling through photos taken at the mixer event, the night prior to  the reunion and I must say damn! I don’t recognize many from my class.  It is kind of scary, as we are all approaching (passing) 40 now (that is the new 30, right?) but some people did not age well at all. Then, there are others who aged very well, I have seen a few of the guys looking just like I remember them in class, as well as a few (very few) of the girls.

I  will be thankful for purchasing a copy of the reunion booklet and I will order the photo CD for $20. Hopefully then I will be able to read name badges better and really figure out who the hell I am looking at.

There  are some of the girls who were “hotties” in school, who are not looking so hot. Guess that is what happens after 20 years. Personally, I think the bigger difference has been in the guys, there are many who are  missing hair or outright gray. Personally, I think I have aged well and  still look young. So I am told, especially when I shave.

If you are close to a 20 year reunion, go to it. I really regret missing out on  a great time, seeing all my friends. Who knows maybe some of them will  make contact via e-mail once this reunion booklet comes out. Maybe in another 5 years I will be able to make it and see some of my old  friends.?

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