I’ll Take That Bet!

For viewers who play or follow Urban Terror you know there was a new and updated version of the game released on April 1. The development team and the majority of the community are in agreement, this a much better playing version that the previous, v3.7.

The Urban Terror Forums are always and interesting place to browse and since the release there has been a big influx of new gamers with new opinions into the community. This is a GREAT thing! One of the more recent threads started in the General Urban Terror Discussion was titled, “Which is the best new addition in 4.0?”

An overwhelming percentage of the comments cite hit detection as the biggest improvement. I think nearly everyone who has been around for some time and played 3.7 or some of the older versions will tend to agree. The new feel to the hit detection is almost immediately noticed due to changes in how hits are detected. This too, is a GREAT thing.

Amazingly enough, up until today there was no one who thought differently about the new hit detection. Then it happened. We had a gamer who contends, “3.7 had no problems with hit detection.” Wow! Talk about dropping a bomb. “No problems?” We on the development team even said there were hit detection issues dating back to the introduction of the ARIES hit code. This gamer also claims [hit detection] is, “more of a bug fix than a feature or new map…not impressed.”

Those are some pretty bold claims there, junior. Needless to the say the community tears his comments to shreds. Their comment of, “bigger models are a crutch in my opinion…but if it makes people like you feel like there is now better hit detection then more power to you,” this in response to a few comments directed to him.

As the thread progresses there is back and forth comments about why the hit detection is better or why 3.7 was not perfect. In the end he says, “I give 3 months to a year before the same people that complained before are whining about hit code again.” That is a pretty bold statement, so bold in fact he is willing to put up $50 “that in 6 months we will have the same amount of people complaining about hit detection even though the detection is now solid.”

So, I challenged him and took the bet. So come October 20 we will see how the community feels about the current hit detection. Outside of this one gamer I have yet to hear any issues regarding how hits are detected. Even those who pissed and moan about everything else in the release agree we have “got it right” in regards to the hit detection. If that is the case, how can so many gamers be wrong, and this one individual be right?

I would like YOUR feedback on this. Come October 20 if you feel the hit detection is no better than it was in 3.7, send me an e-mail. I tend to think I will be $50 richer on that day, but who knows maybe he knows something I don’t. We are only 3 weeks into Urban Terror 4.0, but so far it has been a very strong showing for the game and hit detection.