With a ‘T ‘Behind His Name

Hazing. I am sure we have all been through some form of it in our life time. I had my first hazing incident at work last Friday. I was somewhat prepared for what was going to come my way. While nervous, I was confident I had been trained well and would excel when called upon.

There were some early “perceptions” cast upon me due to a few overheard comments that were taken out of context. Next there was a low score on an exam that sent me right into the department mangers office and I was close to being terminated. Now THAT would have sucked ass! Especially with no job to return to at United. This meeting was to discuss my desire to be with this company and the position I was hired for.

Now that meeting had some scare tactics in it, but I do believe in the end it taught me a lesson and since then I have taken on a different view towards my position I am training for. The desire to work has always been there since I was hired. So was the fact I wanted to learn. In the end, I was successful and passed a final 4 weeks later with a 96%!

Back to the hazing…I was sitting at the desk, working on a project I decided to try using Google Earth and some of our company information. As I sat there, I noticed my trainer had walked away and I was “flying solo.” No big deal, I was confident in my abilities. Then it happened.

One of the Train Controllers dropped the third rail power and I heard the alarm ‘beep’ on my computer. I turned around and notice an indication on my board that something was wrong. I confirmed it on my computer, looked at the board and then yelled across the room, “We lost power at Orinda!” All in all, it took about 30 seconds for me to notice and respond after confirming the power.

In retrospect, I picked it up quickly, compared to one of my other classmates that took nearly 5 minutes to notice the same outage. It felt good to finally get a taste, small taste of what is to come. I began to feel like “one of the gang” now that we are getting closer to the start of our Train Controller training (at the end of the month). Still a good feeling to go to work feeling confident and knowing the job. Yet more to come…