Beep! Beep! the Union

So after my first trip to the Oakland side of the bay, I thought it was very cool taking the local rapid transit (aka BART) to visit my, now wife. I thought it would be cool to actually drive (operate) the trains that came and went at a given station platform. Well, today that “dream” (if you want to call it that) came true. I was the operator behind the button and made the choo choo go.

Okay, so it was not really my dream, but I was able to operate two trips before the train operator union found out and said that I (and my two other cohorts) were not allowed to. Ah, well, fun while it lasted and funny, but nothing happened. As if anything would of happened. But it was fun to a degree, still don’t think I could do it as a regular 9-5 sort of job.

So after a few inquiries and phone calls to my training manager about this union issue, some changes were quickly implemented. Instead of starting at 0530, which was “doable” I now have to be to work by 0315. That means waking up when some of you are going to bed at 0105! Yeah, “oh” as in OH MY GOD ITS FREAKING EARLY!!! I don’t think the local 7-11 will even be serving donuts yet! Although I can rely on Del Taco being open. LOL.

So 9 days and counting before this OJT is over and we take one more written exam and two check outs in order to pass. Personally, the check outs seem to be a real waste of our time and BART’s money, but I am not making these training decisions. So all is well.

On a Urban Terror related note, I might be bringing coverage to the Clanbase Finals on Wednesday, if so news will be posted on Stay tuned I will know more tomorrow (Tuesday).

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