Work is Wonderful

It has been far too long since I have had a chance to sit down and post an update. So much has happened since November 09 that I do not know where to start. Obviously, from the beginning as any sane person would, so let’s take a quick look at BART.

While opinions from riders and patrons vary as to the employees of BART, the company is awesome! I am so taken back by the company and what is offered, such as retirement, benefits, days off (incl. holidays & vacation), good starting pay (with increases) that I wonder why I put with with my previous employer for so damn long. Everyone I have met so far has been wonderful, from train operators to supervisors to managers, everyone wants to see my and my classmates succeed.

Training still has not “officially” started, it begins Wednesday at 1pm, followed by Thanksgiving off and then back to training on Friday. Speaking of days off, I will have weekends off until approximately this time next year due to training, which is mainly 0700-1500. Great hours that should give me time to get home with relatively little traffic and also time to study, since this is very intensive training. Rumor has it there is a 70% failure rate. I know I won’t be the one walking.

Happy Birthday

…to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday me! Yeah, a suave 37 year old and people still card me when I go buy liquor. I was told I didn’t look a day past 25 on my first day on the job at new hire orientation. Guess that is a good thing, the stress of my previous job did not make me look or feel old.

The wife cooked me clam chowder, salmon and pasta to go along with gifts, the new James Bond Series #1 and The X-Files Season 7. More DVD goodness to watch. Aside from that, a very uneventful 37th birthday, although I think we are celebrating a bit more this weekend over at our friend’s house. Guys, you all know that means beer!


No, not the cop show with Craig T. Nelson that takes place in Washington D.C., but my new place of employment with the Bay Area Rapid Transit District. So far, in two days it has been excellent. More than I expected. But Wednesday starts the real poop. I report to the control center and see what my training schedule will be. No one in HR could answer that question, so it is really up to my supervisor. I suspect there won’t be much OJT to start the process in motion. As I understand it, I learn to drive the trains first, but I don’t know when the next class starts. More as soon as I find out…

In other news, I am working on trying to update the site to e107 v0.7.5, but have not had much like over the past weekend. Even had some help on it and the easy upgrade did not seem to be working right, so until I get some more time, which might be less than I had previously, I will have to run with the old version. Maybe this weekend will allow me some time to do it right and upgrade.