Is It Un-American?

‘Patriot Day’ the day is intended as a memorial to the victims of a terrorist attack and arguably has nothing to do with patriotism. Like many around the world I witnessed the events as they happened, and I will never forget the scenes or images as they unfolded in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania. I was not directly affected by those events, I did not loose friends or family in the terrorist attacks, but like many Americans my life was affected. There were a few hours I was unsure my sister’s status. She was a working flight attendant who was scheduled to arrive in Washington D.C. from Germany. About midway over the Atlantic, they turned the aircraft around and went back to Germany.

All Americans were affected if not directly, indirectly from these attacks. Personally, I lost nearly 30% of my salary at the airlines because of these attacks. A very small consolation compared to those who lost loved ones, I know. But the fact remains we, as Americans were ALL affected. Look at the supposed “increase in security” at airports as an example. Longer security lines, ridiculous restrictions as to what can be brought through security and boarded on an airplane now.

I know 9-11 is now a “sacred day” for many Americans, but honestly I don’t want to relive the experiences from that day. Is that wrong? Does that make me a bad or unpatriotic person? I don’t think so. We hear so many comments about how its vital we “not forget” and “is it too soon” to show documentaries or movies about the attacks. I admit I spent the better part of 2 years reading about events that led up to 9-11. I grabbed a copy of the 9-11 Commission Report and read it page by page, but nothing really answered any of the questions. We will never know the exact breakdown was or how things really transpired on Flight 93.

So, I will continue to be proud to be an American and fly the Stars and Stripes, but I won’t look back in retrospect (only from the conspiracy angle) at the events of 9-11. I will always live the fact it affected my personally to some degree. But we should be looking towards our government (God help us!) to fix the problems, which is asking a lot considering the bureaucracy, red tape and other problems that plague the United States.

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