The NEW Urban Terror

Not that I am looking to give out super secret information on this site, which at one time was home to Action Quake 2 and Urban Terror level reviews, but it’s amazing how far a little information goes. Okay, so today’s update, “Day 2 – Community Expectations” was much longer than anticipated. Guess I lost track of time last night at work when composing it. And yes Mech, 25 more days to go, sorta feels like Christmas, eh?

Not really sure what to say, I know I am excited about this release, now that I have something to do. I am sure some Urban Terror gamers will tear me a new one because I was not keeping them up to date on our development. You know what? This was our decision, not mine, we, as a team decided we were not going to release any information or screenshots, outside of levels that were nearing completion. Why? Because if on the off chance something did not make it into the final release, we did not want to get the hopes of the community up, only to have them dashed because a cool feature would not be included. Makes sense to the development team. Then again, we know [alledgely] what we doing.

I will let you in on this, for those who read this site before checking the Urban Terror site for an update. Day 3 will feature the first screenshots of models/weapons. That is really all I am going to give you. In fact I just got off the server with Tango_ii and BladeKiller as we posed for pictures that will be used in the coming updates. If I had boobs and wore a skirt you would call me a tease.

So, the question remains, “Is Urban Terror poised for a comeback?” Spellbinder, don’t answer I know what you think. Honestly, maybe you are right and the best days are behind us. But, with everything we are going to announce in the coming days, I think it will only build a stronger commuinty, introduce new gamers and breath new life into the game. That is our hope, as this game provides us a great stepping off point for future development.

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