Behind the Microphone

Wednesday will make another return to the microphone. I say return because I have not been on air at Inside the Game since March as I pull “dad duty” during the week while my wife goes to work. If there were a few more hours in the day, then it would be easier to cover matches, probably on a daily basis. Unfortunately there are only 24 hours during the day and most of those are taken.

Being a big Medal of Honor: Allied Assault fan I took it upon myself to get involved with the Clanbase community who play MOHAA. Even after 4 years the game is still hugely popular in Europe and at Clanbase. Personally, I think it still ranks as one of the best games played during EuroCup [this is season XIII]. After calling the playoffs for EuroCup XII, I sort of went on hiatus, because I had no free time in which to cast. Playing dad takes a lot of effort and time and those were two things I was not able to provide to casting.

Spurred by a quick talking to by Marcus [aka djWheat] of iTG, I am going to give casting a shot. I make no guarantees that it will be my best work because my co-caster, my son will be sitting [or bouncing] next to me as I attempt to call the match. Hopefully things go well enough that I gain of confidence in being able to cast while my son hangs out with me, watching and learning…hahah.

The MOHAA Community has been asking, almost on a daily basis as to when I would be covering another match. My answer was usually the same, “I don’t know.” I would go into the reason why and could not say with any certainty when I would return. So it’s babysteps starting tomorrow. If all goes well we could see some more MOHAA coverage [I don’t believe I will return to Urban Terror, since there is little interest and even less support] and possibly the 80’s revival show, Just Push Play.

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