Our Little “Zoomie”

“Zoomie” actually Zoumi is the new nickname for our son Zachary. The ‘Z’ for Zachary and the ‘oumi’ from our last name, Toumi, hence Zoumi. Actually, while I take credit for it, I recall hearing the term “Zoomie” while watching the movie, Jarhead a few months back. I did not need to think about it very long, because it the nickname came right to me. So we will see if it does indeed stick.

It’s been a long few weeks and last night was probably the worst night of sleep that I can recall for both myself and my wife. Zachary has begun teething, we believe that a portion of a tooth on his bottom gum has penetrated the skin. He is now a drooling fool, as I call him from time to time. His hands are always in his mouth and its nothing but drool. I would think in the next few weeks it will only get worse before it gets better. Guess that is parenthood for you.

It will be a first for Zachary this weekend as he attends his first birthday party. On Saturday the three of us will be going to celebrate Justin’s 6th birthday at a place called Pump It Up – The Inflatable Party Zone. Unlike last year’s party, I don’t think Alan [Justin’s dad] and I will be drinking beer at 9:00AM in the morning when the party starts. But, we are looking forward to getting out and having some fun together.

I also picked up a new book for Zachary called The Adventures of Vin Fiz. Of course at nearly 6 months of age, he cannot read it yet, as the book is really for kids 4-8. Nonetheless, the book centers around Casey and Lacey Nicefolk and their adventures with a magical box they are given by Sucoh Sucop [Hocus Pocus backwards]. The magical box allows the children to transfer toys into real life items. This is where the adventure begins. I have just started reading it through and plan on reading the story to Zachary at a later date. I am a huge Clive Cussler fan and it’s great to see his first offering in a children’s book. You can also check out the real Tale of the Vin Fiz.

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