Little Bit of Everything

April 15 is quickly approaching, unlike other tasks I procrastinate accomplishing, taxes are not one of them. Why? It should be obvious, because Uncle Sam owes me a refund. Granted, I don’t get back nearly what I paid in over the course of 2005. But it is nice knowing I have two refund checks, state and federal, that will be arriving in my bank account.

That leads to another question, what to do with this “new found” wealth. Would you believe I am already looking into saving for Zachary’s future? Yup…what a dad I am! They are called 529 Plans, education savings plan operated by a state or educational institution designed to help families set aside funds for future college costs. I was originally planning to place money in a separate account and buy the S&P 500, but these plans look a much better choice.

Christal and I are also looking at some upgrades on the house. Did I mention, I can’t stand living there any more? It’s amazing how much shit I missed when I walked through prior to purchasing it. If I knew then, what I know now, I would not have offered the price I did. We have made some quality upgrades, such as a new master bathroom, a new cedar fence and a 10×14 shed for storage or as a workshop. That should surely add to our overall valve of the house. Not to get too sidetracked, check out, it gives you some statistical information on your home.

Once the winter stops in the next few months, I will start in on the landscape, both front and rear. I paid to have some plans professionally done and already have a gift card for $300 worth of plants. But that is for later. As for those upgrades, we need some new 1″ horizontal blinds in the living room and master bedroom. My STD list is growing at a phenomenal rate! Damn the rain for not allowing me to accomplish these needed tasks and home improvement items.

Speaking of the house, we are refinancing for the second time in two years. The current mortgage is killing that thing called cash flow. It’s more like a cash trickle at the moment. But this new loan will allow us more cash flow on a monthly basis, which should help out. This was the third different mortgage specialist I spoke to [a friend of Christal’s] and oddly enough, all three offered me the same sort of loan, while the terms were slightly different.

Hopefully by the end of March we will be refinanced and on the two year clock to sell the house and move. Going back to what I said earlier, I want to get out of this place. Aside from gaining equity, which is very nice, there is not much else I can say good about the house. The commute sucks! The neighborhood is okay, some trash and rather “diverse” in parts. We will have to see what happens to real estate the next few years. I still think I could sell the house inside of 30 days once it went on the market.

Of course this is all on hold until I leave my current job or hahahah….get a pay raise. Right, my company actually rewarding employees based on performance. Pfft…never happen. I even wonder why they give us “performance reviews.” So what if I sucked in 2005? Would I not be getting a raise? Nope.I do have a rather hot prospect that will hopefully pan out. I spoke to an ex-coworker, who is now employed locally. He has spoke to the manager of a department and made mention I would be a perfect fit. So hopefully I will meet this lady, tour the facility and be “prepped” for a potential job interview and offer. Won’t give away the details, for fear I would jinx it.

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