Ever have one of those moments, where you suddenly have a flashback to a time previous in your life? This is something that can be triggered by music, or seeing something that is visually stimulating [non-sexual way] to your memory. I have a few of these episodes in the past few days. I guess that is what I get for spending so much time driving to and from work.

Recently music has been the key for these flashbacks. For example, I heard the REO Speedwagon song, Keep on Loving You and suddenly I am back in the 80’s, the 6th grade, junior high and I am in the middle of a slow dance for the first time. Recently talking to my friend, Jeff [aka Big Country] brought back many memories of when were roommates and living in Torrance.

Now, I am sure this is probably commonplace when it comes to recall memories that are stimulated by some outside force, rather than just recalling it out of the blue. But sometimes I get so involved with these “moments” I sorta loose track of the outside world and time flies by. So far all the experiences have been positive, I have not had a negative experience.

I am sure there have to be others out there who have had similar experiences? Or am I just plain weird??

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