Down & Out

Is it me, or does just the mention of someone getting sick seem to be contagious? Case in point, my wife makes mention she is not feeling well last week. Come Saturday, you have an inkling that something might be up. Come Sunday I was worse than Saturday, so I knocked it off to the seasonal cold. I seem to catch one or two a year and I figured it was my turn to get sick. So at the conclusion of my shout cast I went to bed before work. I could feel my throat beginning to get sore and my body started aching.

I get home from work on Monday morning and drag my butt to bed after swallowing some medicine and sleep for about 10 hours. Thankfully my wife’s mom was around to watch and care for Zachary. I was in bad shape, I was stiff, sore, congested and in pain. I am usually able to cope with a sore throat, so I started sucking lozenges to remedy the pain. They did not work. I showered and took more medicine and slept through the night…well sorta slept. I rolled around most of the evening and into the early morning in a cold sweat and pain.Tuesday came and went in a blink of an eye. I laid in bed all day long. Between napping and bouts of conciseness I watched parts of about 6 movies through out the day. On a completely unrelated noted, I did catch a showing of Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, have been yearning to see that movie. I kept pumping my body full of meds, but nothing really seemed to alleviate the pain in my throat.

Wednesday came and I it was becoming unbearable. I finally made a doctor’s appointment. With what little energy I had (since I had not eaten but a few pieces of bread for 2 days) I met the doctor and he diagnosed me with strep throat, writing me a prescription for a pain killer (cough syrup) and an antibiotic. I got home and jumped back in bed with the dogs and watched more movies and slept.

It was the doctor’s recommendation to take two days off, but work told me they could not cover my shift. I should have forced the issue. So against my better judgment I came to work Thursday night without using any of the pain killer medicine since it could impair my judgment. I feel like I am now getting better. Another day or two and I should have my health back.

Hopefully Zachary does not catch that streptococcus virus, the doctor said I was most contagious the first 48 hours. I did not come in close contact with him, so we should be okay.?

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