Ho! Ho! Ho!

Why is it the end of the year is so damn hectic? Yeah, so you have Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years…oh yeah and my birthday (November 9). I mean aside from those days, what makes you average gamer into a raving lunatic? Colleges and schools are usually on break for much of December and part of November, gamers are plentiful and packing servers, yet the time flies by and before you know it, you are starring down the barrel of a SPAS12 being held by a fat, jolly chap yelling, “MERRY CHRISTMAS, BITCH!”

So it has been 30 days since my last update…either I am getting old or slipping. Actually it is neither. Real world commitments, like that thing we call a j-o-b are really putting undo stress into my life at the moment. Since my company just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, there has been no holiday cheer or festive mood around The 6th Floor. A bit unfortunate too, especially waiting 11 months for the holiday season to arrive. On the verge of either being furloughed (kids, that means I loose my job) or taking a big pay cut, I have really been in a shitty mood. If you hang in #urbanterror on ETG or on the forums, then you might have noticed.

This is something that is definitely NOT needed, especially this time of year. The weekly, Urban Radio program has missed that last two weeks, one due to a meeting, which I dubbed the “axe meeting” at work and this past Friday for the start of the Intelmasters in London, England on TsN. Hopefully sometime this week, I can kick out a holiday show for the Urban Terror Community. Watch #urbanterror for more information.

As for updates, I am sorry to say, but I don’t have much of anything. I do want to say thanks to [PIT]thnom for sending me a link to more free textures from Noctua Graphics. Also want to apologize to Vivian for not getting her story up, I am sure she is going to say hello with a fat sniper round up my ass very soon. Also want to say thanks to the guys who help cover the Urban Terror action at TsN, JeffT, Whizperz and Vansilli, been some excellent coverage the past few weeks. And of course a big group hug to those I work with on SID. Amazing, we have become such good friends working on this project. Lastly, happy holidays to those in the Urban Terror Community. Thanks for the tremendous show of support for the team and the project. You guys and girls are the best around.

If you want to get nostalgic, then check out The original 6th Floor started back in 1999 during Action Quake 2. A few people wanted to see it in #urbanterror, so I have put it up for a limited time.

Happy holidays!