Oswald Rant: Behind the Release

Eight months of development culminated with the release of Urban Terror Beta 2.6 this past Saturday, November 9, 2002. The overall development cycle slid in at just over eight months, based on the previous track rate, this was about two months longer than other development cycles before a release. Speaking strictly from a “release” aspect, everything went off relatively smooth.

The release party began with a pre-release radio show hosted by myself approximately two hours [DOWNLOAD HERE] before the official release time. By far this was the most coordinated effort to date. Not only do I want to commend the development team who helped make the release successful, but also those admins and FTP hosts who were able to host our full and upgrade files. While I was shocked with some 300 people inquiring about hosting files or receiving files early in order to upgrade their gaming servers. Unfortunately, the team could not fulfill all those requests. The initial release just before 3pm EST had about 15 FTP sites to choose from, worldwide. I do want to extend special thanks to Zac of ZD Webhosting for hosting the files in order for admins and FTP sites alike to download from.

As for the actual release party, I can sum it up in a single word. Wow! The community from the Urban Terror Community never ceases to amaze me. Between #urbanterror and #releaseparty, we had over 1500 gamers checking out the release Beta 2.6. While #urbanterror was moderated for most of the radio show, the spam flowed free in #releaseparty, as there was some business to attend to and information to pass along in #urbanterror. Thanks to ETG for the support and assistance during the release party.

I also want to give props to TsN, the Team Sportscast Network for continuing to support Urban Terror and allow me to time to shoutcast the weekly, Urban Radio Show on their network, powered by Speakeasy. Before the release party, the development team was kicking around some numbers, but when I some 600 listeners tuned into the pre-release party it just went to confirm what the development team already know. Urban Terror has the best community support for any mod out there. Between the two server (high and low), there were relatively no lag or problems during the cast. Although, the TsN server guru, Juno asked I decrease the bit rate on the high bit server from 64 bits to 40 bits, in order to accommodate more listens and decreases chances to lag or skipping.

Unlike the return of Urban Radio the day before I was not really prepared to host a full show, partly due to all the work the development was doing leading up to the compiling of the final pak file and the packaging of the support files into the official zip files we would be distributing. Nonetheless, I was able to get a quick and dirty guideline together, along with some fantastic music from the “happy fatty,” Mungo Zen and host the pre-release party.

We had also made the decision to not release the files during the radio show, in hopes of limiting the spam in IRC inquiring about the development releasing the files. It also gave those a definite time in case they did not want to tune into the release party radio show. But when the links we made available, gamers responded and jumped at the downloads.

Leading up to and during the shoutcast, I was uploading the full and upgrade files to ZD Webhosting for those admins and FTPs that would either be hosting or upgrading their servers before we released the links. I do wanna extend my thanks on behalf of the development team to those people who helped support the release. There were absolutely no complaints about not being able to download the file or any sort of lag or lack of bandwidth during the initial rush after the links were announced.

Thanks goes out to Trainman at Midwest Mayhem, Tapper for waking Steve Gibson at Fileshack, [HV]Spawn, Majic of Barrysworld, Roger at Planetquake3.net, Bunny aka Q of FSK405, gleam for the phat Data Source link, Zac at ZD Webhosting, Cigar_Man of TLB, Drizzt_DUcan at Clanbase, DasGIB of urbanterror.de, [QV]Buffetti of urbanterror.it, nMX.SquiD at Thunderdome, Juha at eDome, Csan, Solanine of FuKnUt Beer and Bullets, Harmonieman over at eXtreme-players.de, illogical and Clanhosted and anyone else I did not mention for helping out with the early releases.

As with any release, there were a few minor issues we had to “deal with” and work through. I am speaking of a FTP that was made public before our “official” release time. But, with as good as everything was going it was really just ignored and we continued on without any hitch. I would have also like to have had enough time to get all the official links posted on the web site before making the announcement. I take responsibility for that, as the radio show was coming to a close and we were about 30 minutes prior to release, so I told the FTP sites to spam their links. The Urban Terror web page was then updated within thirty minutes for an on time release of Beta 2.6.