Oswald Rant: Female Gamers: isajones

Given Name: Isabelle
Alias: isajones
Age: 19
Location: Australia
System: Nothing special…AMD Duron 1200, 351 MB RAM, S3 Graphics ProSavage, MS Wheel Optical Mouse, 17″ monitor
Oswald: How do you balance your real world social life with that of your Internet life?

isajones: Well because I’m also studying, I’ve had to make time for friends and relationships. That’s what I use weekends for. It’s working okay so far. I just have to plan a week in advance in case anything comes up. Although it’s tough only seeing my bf once a week, we both play UrT, so it’s not so bad.

I usually play UrT in the evenings, when most of my friends are playing. I also keep up with everyone by chatting online. I think I spend too much time in front of my computer to be honest.

Oswald: When did you start playing games and how were you introduced to it?

isajones: I grew up amongst Macs, and Dad made little programs for me and my brother to play. But growing up, I wasn’t really interested in FPS’s. My brother was, so it eventually rubbed off on me. I’d sit and watch him play Action Quake, but I wasn’t hooked on computers like I am now.

Oswald: What drew you to Internet gaming?

isajones: Well I’ve only been playing online since I moved back home, and I’ve been playing UrT regularly since January I guess. Sitting around watching my dad and brother play got me interested. I started with Quake 3 though, then moved onto UrT. It seemed more of a challenge, and more fun. I loved Rommel. It’s such a great map.

Oswald: What sort of reactions do you receive from your friends when they find out you enjoy computer games?

isajones: They already know I’m not your stereotypical 19 year old, so I don’t think it surprises them the least. When I try to explain it to them, they just smile politely and nod. But I don’t think I’m going to be converting any of them soon.

Oswald: Do you feel a difference in how you are perceived because you are a female gamer?

isajones: At first I was chatted up a lot, and I guess treated like a novelty. But now that I’ve been playing for so long and I’ve formed a lot of friendships, and met a lot of people in person who also play UrT, I’m hoping other gamers don’t see me just as a ‘female gamer’. Also having a female clan, |d’angels|, kinda broke down barriers between sexes and all the misconceptions about girls playing online. But then, when I first started playing, I had no idea rustyTNT was a girl. So I fell into that trap as well.

Oswald: While it might be a misconception, some males are more serious when it comes to online gaming. How serious are you when you sit down in front of you monitor?

isajones: *blushes* Sometimes I get frustrated at my team for various reasons and start yelling at my screen. My computer is in the living room and I share a desk with Dad, so I’m sure he doesn’t like it when I get all wound up over flag caps. But other times I’ll be having fun and not give a stuff coz I’m playing with my friends, and that’s what I have to keep telling myself.

Oswald: In many of the school related shootings, one contributing factor that seems to rear is head is computer gaming. We hear, “He played Doom, that is what drove him to commit this act of violence.” What are you thoughts on violent video games and how they effect kids today?

isajones: I think kids today are smart enough to know the difference between video games and real life violence. People are always looking for something to blame, and violent video games are an easy target. I know no one in my family has thought about going out and gunning people down with M4’s. I mean, seriously.

Oswald: Are you known in the gaming community because you are a skilled gamer or because you are female?

isajones: Tough one there. I’m certainly not skilled in the ‘l33t’ sense, and I sure hope I’m known more for being a fun person to play against than the fact I’ve got boobs. You’ll have to ask around, as I’m not really sure what people think of me. They might mention something about the local forums and spam. *blushes*

Oswald: How does your online persona differ from who you are when you are away from the computer?

isajones: I have to say that I’m more outgoing online than in real life. There is no way I’d tell someone bluntly to STFU. I have more discrete ways of getting the message across. I’m very quiet in real life. But I think I’ve got more confidence than I used to. I’m more cheeky online too, and I especially like that I can get away with more things by hiding behind my screen.

Oswald: Any thoughts, comments or shout outs you have for the community?

isajones: Nothing, except thanks to Dad and my bro for getting me addicted to UrT. Ya buggers… : )

Coming Friday, the conclusion to the Fem Fatale Series

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