Oswald Rant: Female Gamers: rustyTNT

Given Name: Michelle
Alias: rustyTNT
Age: 26
Location: Australia
System: AMD Athlon 700, GeForce II MX (but for the most part I ‘dunno’). The boyfriend sorts it all out for me, I just get on and play and nag at him when things aren’t going smoothly.

Oswald: How do you balance your real world social life with that of your Internet life?

rustyTNT: Mostly I was working too many hours to have much of a social life. Internet was something easy I could do with minimal effort.

Oswald: When did you start playing games and how were you introduced to it?

rustyTNT: A bit of quake three a year ago, and Urban Terror (the mod) since the beginning of 2002. Was introduced to it via my boyfriend (in an attempt to keep me from nagging him about the time he spends gaming lol) If you cant beat ’em girls, join em.

Oswald: What drew you to Internet gaming?

rustyTNT: I had a deprived childhood (joking). Never had exposure to the nintendo’s etc that were around so I’ve always been partial to the computer games. Then I came across the Urban Terror mod, and holy shit.I actually made some kills. Addiction from then on.

Oswald: What sort of reactions do you receive from your friends when they find out you enjoy computer games?

rustyTNT: Um, er…I’m a closet gamer. None of my friends know that I indulge in such things.

Oswald: Do you feel a difference in how you are perceived because you are a female gamer?

rustyTNT: Yes. Most guys are ok with it, but because most of my clan got into this via their partners or male family members we sometimes get accused of having our other half’s sub for us when we start owning.

Oswald: While it might be a misconception, some males are more serious when it comes to online gaming. How serious are you when you sit down in front of you monitor?

rustyTNT: I like to tell myself that I really don’t give a damn, but…I sorta do. It does depend on the crowd I’m playing against though. Sometimes it’s just great fun with a group of great people. Other times its like pressure…

Oswald: In many of the school related shootings, one contributing factor that seems to rear is head is computer gaming. We hear, “He played Doom, that is what drove him to commit this act of violence.” What are you thoughts on violent video games and how they effect kids today?

rustyTNT: I disagree. They are just games. Provided the child has normal social development and respect for others their interactions with other gamers should be amicable and not drive them to any criminal acts. If the child does not have normal background then it’s not the game at fault is it? There were underlying issues to begin with.

Oswald: Are you known in the gaming community because you are a skilled gamer or because you are female?

rustyTNT: Bit of both. Mostly I’m known for whining about the unfairness of the teams lol ie: skill level not evenly distributed to give both sides fighting chance etc. Most of our community know our |d’angels| tag and that we are all chicks.

Oswald: How does your online persona differ from who you are when you are away from the computer?

rustyTNT: Not much difference. in real life I’m a bit standoffish, but with underlying strength and sense of fairness and a temper that I usually bottle up. Online I need not be quite so shy and the temper might come out a bit more but it’s still essentially a reflection of me.

Oswald: Any thoughts, comments or shout outs you have for the community?

rustyTNT: Um, I’d like to get into something really deep and meaningful in answer to this question. But I can’t think of nuffin.. (how embarrassment) lol.

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