Getting Busy

Well, too much has happened the past week. Let’s start with Urban Terror. The development team released Beta 2.1 on Tuesday and on Friday, they patched it a second time with Beta 2.2. The first patch, solved many issues the community pointed out to Silicon Ice Development. The details of the first patch can be seen here. Three days later, after a couple busy days on the Urban Terror Forums, the development team looked into the issues at hand and corrected them. The Beta 2.2 patch was released, quietly last night. You can check out the changes here. Both patches have seemed to really improve the overall quality of the mod.

Since SID has not set a release date for the map pack, the community is beginning to release different versions of upcoming community developed levels. I received e-mail from eXKalibuR this week with a URL to his upcoming level, ut_museum. If the screen shots and preliminary design were any indication, then this map will be one of the best community created maps. We have also seen a remake of a Beta 1.27 level from Kron0, his popular level, armory is now available in a beta version. He took some of the comments and did change the level around. The map features new textures and some new buildings. But it also features a few missing and misaligned textures. Overall, it looks very good and I am sure the community will rally around this level for Beta 2. Here are a few quick screen shots:

[Shot #1] | [Shot #2] | [Shot #3]

If you don’t frequent the Level Editing Forums, then you might have missed out on a few of the levels that are in development by community members. The first level is called canopy and being created by Target. It is a recreation of a forested area. Check out these screen shots:

[Shot #1] | [Shot #2] | [Shot #3]

Map information from Target, “get 90fps average, 60 on the low end.” Hopefully we will be able to bring more information from this level in the coming weeks. Nice work, Target!

Had an opportunity to talk to dotEXE this week as well, mapper behind the Beta 1.27 level, 101. He showed off a few new screen shots of his latest creation, 202, which is you had seen before, it a desert type of level. He has really improved on the terrain, from the previous screen shots I had seen. Hopefully we will see more of this level soon.

Gerbil! is still busy [I think], working on ut_pressurezone, which recreates an underwater submarine base, complete with fish and a submarine. Here is one of the latest screen shot. Still no date on the completion of this level, but it will be included in the patch.

There are some new levels that have been released. While I am dial up, I am not able to FTP them and make them available quite yet. 1.5Mbps/384kbps ADSL arrives August 2, at which time I will be back in business and able to upload and download at will. With that said, you can plan on seeing the new maps listed here in a few weeks. Hopefully, we will see final versions soon. For now, check out Urban TerroristZ for a few new third party levels.

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