Sexiness at E3

Ah yeah, Day Two of E3 is doesn’t get better, the apex of the show. While I was not able to hang as long as I wanted to because of the real J-O-B, but I did get to check out some of the goodies, inside the box known as the Los Angeles Convention Center. Damn, my feet hurt from all this walking.

More highlights from E3, what better way to show off E3 then through pictures, I know you don’t me throwing around my opinion, you see that enough on the other gamin sites. Tonight you can read E3: Day Two, read my brief introduction and see the madness.

Read this on the Urban Terror Forums, which originated on the Quake3World Forums by ttimo. “GtkRadiant 1.1-TA released! Version 1.1-TA of the Quake III Arena and Quake III: Team Arena map editor is available. This version has been in the works for quite some time, and everyone is very happy to see it out at last.” You can check out the new versions for Linux and Win32 at: So check out GtkRadiant and look into the thread to see what it will behold. There is a considerable amount of information in these forums.

Want news on the upcoming point release from id Software:

Not-Newswire: “Bad news on the Quake 3 gaming front today as id software completely disappeared overnight. id staffers are now on the run for blowing all of the proceeds from their successful (but unfortunately never finished) multi player game Quake 3 in a debauched orgy of booze, loose women and pizza. Before leaving, the coders set fire to the building destroying all source code for Q3A.

“They think we’ve been working on an update,” slurred an unnamed employee, “but it’s all we could do to sober up and get a .plan out the door once a month”.

“They bought a finished product at retail” they were heard drunkenly chanting as they left.

Attempts to contact an id management spokesperson have proven unsuccessful, as apparently no-one is actually responsible for running id Software…

A spokesman for the Mac gaming community reported “They’ll resurface when they need more money. Probably pushing some new engine”.”


(The preceding article is of course entirely fictitious and the result of too many hours waiting for a GODAMN update to Q3. It is in no way meant to cast doubt over the integrity of the id staffers, how much they drink, how often they shag and whether or not they get the munchies, even if they do far too much of all three when they probably should be coding. It’s not mine to say. I am also in no way suggesting any pyromaniac tendencies in any id staffers – even if there seems to be a lot of fire everywhere in their games. I’m sure it’s nothing).

This courtesy of Sailbad on the Quake3World Forums. I thought it was quite funny, maybe I can do something like this regarding Urban Terror.

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