Day #1 of E3

You realize just how small of a fish you are when you head to a convention like this. Urban Terror? Silicon Ice Development? Who are they and what do they do? I am sure that would be the comment from many at a showing of his magnitude. That’s fine, they are neither a LARGE development company or bidding for Game of the Year in PC Gamer [although mod of the year would be cool!]. E3 began this morning at 10:00am and while I only hung out for about 3 hours, it was not nearly enough time to take everything in I wanted to. You can read, E3: Day #1, to get some idea what caught my eye, along with a flurry of pictures I was able to get. Look for more tomorrow, as I return for Day #2 and getting down and dirty with the booth babes….hahaha. Yeah, right.

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