On the eve of E3

Somewhat a late update today, being Wednesday the 16th, but since I will be attending E3 all day tomorrow, I might as well, drop a few things today. I will also have some pictures and my thoughts on E3 this year when I return from it tomorrow. I am looking forward to this event, as I did last year. Thanks to GameSpy Industries for the pass and opportunity to attend.

Let’s start with the non-gaming related news. Had a chance to truly relax today and not really put much effort into Urban Terror. I had a chance to go paintball at Tombstone Paintball Park, here in SoCal [that’s Southern California for those who don’t know]. Seeing as it was mid-week, our private party of 24 ballers had free reign on all seven fields. You can check out the fields we played on. The spent time on Urban Chaos, Tournament, Speedball, Jungle and Foxholes. Like some of our game modes, we played mostly Team Survivor. The one exception coming on Jungle, which we played CTF. Thanks to yours truly, I capped the flag in the second game! Rock! A great time, so if you every get the chance I highly recommend you go out and paintball.Don’t be a pussy! Take the pain! A great stress reliever and the true, “Urban Terror.” Here are a few shots from paintball today. First doing what I do best and a new addition to my body:

For those mappers with questions on proportion and scale, I recommend you check out this thread from Mungo Zen. This thread pertains to crates and their sizes. If you have ready any of the reviews here on The 6th Floor, then you know I am very anal when it comes to scale of objects on a level. Mungo talks about sizes relative to the Urban Terror player models. So, if you are in doubt, I recommend you check it out.

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