The great thing about progress

You know what is great about modding? You can go back and see where you started and the progress that was made. That is no more true than with Urban Terror. What began as a map addon pack, seems to have taken center stage in the Quake III Community. While SID and Urban Terror might just be an opening act for a large, more popular act, let’s take a look back at where some of these levels began.

BattleCow, as I mentioned last night created his first ever level called Docks. I will cut him some slack, and knock off what I show you in a minute to inexperience behind QERadiant. Docks is NOTHING like you have seen recently, being a first map, you can probably understand some of the common problems [if you are a mapper] that you can encounter. So, let’s check out a few old shots of Docks:

[SHOT #1] | [SHOT #2] | [SHOT #3]
I think we can look back and laugh at this creation. Much has changed from this version which was in Alpha6. Just look at the layout, areas which were open. Wow, what do you think? Should we bring that back? Hahaha. Yeah, didn’t think so. But remember, from the beginning, I don’t think any one thought Urban Terror would achieve what they have to this point in their [almost complete] Beta 2 development. For Beta 2, BattleCow decided to give his level a face lift. The name was changed to ut_docks, along with completely new texturing and some modification in layout. Here are even more shots from the new and updated, ut_docks:

[SHOT #1] | [SHOT #2] | [SHOT #3]
Next up, we check out NRGizeR. No, not that damn pink bunny, but that Level designer who was quite successful in Action Quake 2. His early level for Urban Terror was called Streets of Terror. The only real terror, was how it looked. I can remember spending hours playing this on a LAN. Looking back on it now, I can do nothing but laugh. I am not sure if these have been seen before, but they just go to show how far, even Streets has progressed. This is what Streets of Terror began as:

[SHOT #1] | [SHOT #2] | [SHOT #3]
While there have still be some criticism aimed at NRGizeR and ut_streets, he really has turned this map into a well playing level. Of course to get closer to perfection, he would have to start from ground zero and rebuild it. Knowing what he knows now, I have no doubts he would erect one helluva city. Give him time, I am sure he has plans. Here are some of most recent shots of ut_streets:

[SHOT #1] | [SHOT #2] | [SHOT #3]
As Silicon Ice Development moves toward Beta 2, I will continue to dig through the archives which I have on CD and pull out old shots our players, weapons, maps and anything which shows just how SID has come together and put in one helluva an effort for Beta 2.

Oh yeah, one final note, the registration for QuakeCon 2001 open today at 9pm Eastern Daylight Time, so head over there and wait patiently as you hit the refresh key to get enrolled. SID is attempting to make an appearance there for the second year in a row. More details on that later…

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