Dose is da man!

You know what rocks? When developers actually mention your mod in an interview, like Jim Dose of id Software did yesterday. There was an interview by Omega over at Quakeidge. Yeah, I know, oh boy, just another interview. No, not JUST another interview. Here is a short excerpt from the interview:

QG: With all of these mods coming out for Quake 3: Arena and Team Arena, have you been playing any of them? If so, which ones?

JD: Urban Terror, Rocket Arena, Target Q3, and Q3 Gridiron. There’s also a great version of Pong that really blows away the old Telstar version!

How cool is that? Pretty damn cool. So read the entire interview.

Talking to NRGizeR yesterday, it seems we is ready for the release of Urban Terror Beta 2. He is working on getting “many tutorials and sample maps” together which will help community level designers understand the necessary entities and func_’s which will come in handy for mapping for Urban Terror. I am sure everyone is looking forward to that. You should see these new tutorials around the release date of Urban Terror.

Thanks to IceStorm over at Ice Terminal for conducting a new interview with, myself. While some of the info is a bit dated, like the game modes, the answer are on par to what will be featured in Beta 2. Here is a sample of what you will see:

IceStorm: Looking at the Quake 3 mod, Urban Terror, what would you say set’s it apart from the rest?

Oswald: I think that any mod starts with a team that works together and is committed to the task at hand in our case, Urban Terror. Since Beta 1.0, we have added new team members who had something unique Silicon ice could benefit from. For example, WetWired and Apoxol. In terms of game play we have completely redesigned the game code, included new features, such as the HUD and stamina meter, new weapon and player models, along with a new damage system dubbed ARIES.

You can check out the entire interview over at Ice Terminal.