What’s the deal?

Okay, so it has been almost 3 years I have had The 6th Floor up and running and I continue to screw up my updates. Show you that I am still, only human. It seems the buzz over Urban Terror Beta 1.27 has plateaued, which is fine. The excitement and anticipation continues to grow for the Beta 2 release. Sorry, I cannot give any additional information as to the release date. I can tell you SID is continuing to improve the current features

I have seen some new shots of WetWired‘s upcoming level for Urban Terror and it will completely redefine what Urban Terror levels are about and raise the standard of quality. The only screen shot off ut_revolution was seen on Rubber Ducky. Click here to see it and don’t forget to turn off that annoying music!

More ridiculous accusations that games kill kids, as id Software was named in another suit, “Columbine Victims File $5B Suit, the AP story on the lawsuit reported on here last week (story), offers more information on the companies named in the $5 Billion lawsuit stemming from the Columbine school shooting, saying “Companies named in the lawsuit include Nintendo of America, Sega of America, Sony Computer Entertainment and Time Warner Inc., which is now AOL Time Warner, and ID Software Inc. and GT Interactive Software Corp., creators and publishers of the game ‘Doom.’” Todd Hollenshead, CEO of id Software responded, “As with the Kentucky litigation, their claims are utterly without merit and we will vigorously defend ourselves.” Check out whizperz of ITG and his editorial on how games continue to kill. My only comment, “It’s just too damn bad, people cannot distinguish between what is real and what is fantasy. Games, while contributing to this growing dilemma are NOT the main problem. Unfortunately, the media will continue to blow stories and comments like the id Lawsuit out of proportions and parents of kids will continue to listen and follow as if being led by a cult figure. Parents, its up to YOU to raise your kids!

Time permitting, I am going to get new reviews up for all the Beta 2 Urban Terror levels. Currently I am dividing my time between, rewriting the manual and FAQ, along with my daily moderating of the Urban Terror Forums. I will also go through and update the older reviews, such as Docks by BattleCow which has taken on a completely new look, thanks in part to the improved texturing.

There is a new site which has debuted on PlanetQuake and it belongs to Hellchick. Her site is Voxfeminae, which “adds the female element to the gaming community.” Caryn on her site, “In a nutshell, vox feminae is my own little repository of female vocal files to serve the map, mod, and model community. Because there are far fewer female gamers in this community, it’s harder to find female sounds for models and other projects. Since I’ve done a lot of those kinds of projects, I thought I’d set up shop to help do it.” Hellchick is the main female voice SID recruited to do the voices for Urban Terror. She has also been involved, vocally with numerous projects. So check out her site, voxfeminae.

More later, time to p1mp Urban Terror some more and give a few guided tours ingame. Later…