QuakeCon Coming…

Damn! Two days between posts, I am slacking off more and more it seems. That means one thing. Most of my time is being committed with Silicon Ice Development as we press toward our Beta 2 release for Urban Terror. So, bear with me as much as possible. If you have something of note or something that needs to be p1mped, then e-mail me

Let’s start with one of the more popular conventions held in honor of Quake. That’s right I am talking about the popular event know as QuakeCon 2001. While it is quickly approaching [Aug. 9-12 in Mesquite, Texas], Paul Jaquays of id Software is polling for ideas on seminars for QuakeCon. Last year, Silicon Ice Development took part in two seminars, one hosted by Team Reaction of JailBreak and QPong fame. The other was a roundtable discussion, in which John C. walked in and took part in. Very cool! So, if you think you can contribute a solid idea, check out this thread on the Quake3World Forums.

There is a new interview with BASiLiSK of Terrorstrike, which discusses their plans and future leagues. Check it out. That interview was made available by Urban Terror supporters over at Crossfire: Panadol, Darkness, Charbger and ChemicalBrotha! Also check out their new design on Crossfire as their bring you a comprehensive look at many of the top realism mods. Urban Terror included [yeah, I p1mped our mod].

I know this is a day old, but Graeme Devine at id Software updated his .plan file and talks a bit about the upcoming point release for Quake III. We’ve been working extremely hard to get it to you, and working with the mod community to get all the features into the point that you’ve asked for, and it’s all taking a little more time than we originally anticipated says Graeme. This relationship between mod development teams and a major software developer can on be a winning proposition for all involved. SID looks forward to the new point in order to take advantage of the new information it will include.