Oh, the horror…

Let’s start with something that The 6th Floor does best. Urban Terror maps. There are some new maps making their way into the forums for Urban Terror. The first and most notable is another level developed by PointyGit. After stopping development on his initial map because he was not happy with the results, this time around his efforts have yielded an excellent looking product. The level is called Urban Station and approximately 75% complete. PointyGit says, “As it stands it is very playable I think, r_speeds are around 9000 in the corners of the outside part, 5000-7000 for the rest of the outside part, and they are not an issue anywhere else.” It’s a real looker, just take a gander at these screen shots:

[SHOT #1] | [SHOT #2] | [SHOT #3] | [SHOT #4]
For more exciting screen shots and some feedback and criticism for the level, check out this thread on the Urban Terror Forums.

Do you run an Urban Terror server? “TerrorStrike is now looking for Quake servers with a fast Internet connection. If you are currently running a quake server, and would like to be an affiliate server of TerrorStrike, please Tekin know. If you have no idea how to set up a server, and are interested in running a quake server, we will be more than happy to help you set one up.” This is another promising looking Urban Terror server support site. So stop by check it out and if you run a server, then look into what they are offering.

Over at QMass [Gaming @ UMass Dartmouth], there is an article by Chemical Burn titled, One Mod Too Many. This article takes a look at “the Internet with a bunch of shoddy mods or a bunch of mods basically doing/themed around the same thing” for Quake III. Fortunately Urban Terror is mentioned quite favorably, “How many Urban Terror type mods do we really need?” While I agree with most of which ChemBurn mentioned there are a few points that might be a bit too hard to swallow. For example, “Instead of making your own mod, why not join up with an established team?” Easier said then done. Then again it might depend on which mod you want to join. I am seeing more and more request of mods and individuals who want to attach themselves to Urban Terror. It just is not that easy. Even if someone provides a small portfolio and so promise, do you consider them? Hell, if Silicon Ice Development agreed to take everyone who asked, the dev team would be larger than the community at this point.

I think a better point would have been to approach it from a community perspective. Urban Terror would not be where they are today without the community. We are looking at getting the community more involved in the development by helping to support ventures to model and map for post-Beta 2 production. Similar to what Action Quake 2 did, but we will try to manage it a bit more. Anyway, it is a good article regardless, give it a read.

I know we always make fun of the “Shackers,” who have less than quality comments when it comes the Urban Terror news on their web site, Shacknews. Some on the rival, Quake3World Forums have gone and outdone themselves. Check out this thread titled, Counter strike mod for Q3?. While Cyric, one of the staff props us, many slam us and pay homage to Navy Seals and their “yet to be released, best mod ever!” I am not taking a cheap shot at TM or their mod. It is just funny the way people act. No need in responding. Based on first impressions, Urban Terror sucks. Oh well. Let’s see what Beta 2 brings.

Here is yet another interesting article on mapping. And you thought you had problems with your map. This is “all about turning a 50 square kilometer (20 square mile) area of modern day London into game maps for an upcoming PS2 title, “The Getaway.” If you ever had thoughts of turning real-world locations into a map project, or what its like to work on a pro project as a mapper, you should check it out” at Gamasutra titled, London Wasn’t Built in a Day : Content Acquisition for Levels in The Getaway.

The Link of the Day comes from me and my whacked sense of humor when it comes to airlines crashes. Since I work for an airline at LAX, I found out that my chance of dying in November on United Airlines from LAX-Honolulu on a Boeing 757 is 1 in 19,134,897. And what does AmIGoingDown.com say, “That’s really quite good for this route.” Hahahaha……check it out. Uh, yeah I think I will keep flying.