NutZ of a golden kind

If you happen to pay attention to the .plan files over on the Silicon Ice Development web site, then you were able to check out and download the latest and great background art from SweetnutZ. His new backgrounds tell the tale of Urban Terror Beta 2. So go check them out! Also check out his web site, Mercer John’s Comic Book Art.

One of the best looking levels for Urban Terror was released yesterday. The level is by .EXE called 101 Reykjavik. which is based on his home in Iceland. This was probably one of the most highly played levels, as it is very new and the community has been yearning for new levels which combine both quality and game play together. The level is a MUST download. I plan on playing a few rounds on it this week and getting a review of it up. If you have played 101, then give a shout out to .EXE on the Urban Terror Forums.