Soggy Saturday

Three days later I return to The 6th Floor. Aside from the rigors of the real world job, Urban Terror is really making headway. Not only did UrSilicon Ice Development finish build_7, we also pounded out 8, 9, 9b and 9c. Of course this did not come without trial and error. But the mod continues. There has been considerable amount of testing the last week, with new bugs being found daily. Just think, one less the community will have to deal with.

We are seeing more and more gamers working on levels for Urban Terror. Once SID releases Beta 2, all the new mapping files will be available for download. These include information on the new spawn point, entities which will be necessary for the new game modes, along with a few other “things” that will increase the ambiance of an Urban Terror level.

Straight from the rumor mill comes this, “I noticed that the id TA servers are running versions 1.27l or 1.27m. I hope this is a sign that we will be seeing a point release in the next couple of weeks. it is about damn time,” which was posted on The Quake3World Forums. You can also check out, this thread in anticipation for a new point release from id Software. No comments on either thread from the “id kids.”

Recently I posted information from the Architectural Designs for 3D Gaming web site on how to create Arcades. The latest tutorial shows you how to create and develop, buttresses. What is a buttress? “A structure, usually brick or stone, built against a wall for support or reinforcement.” So check out the tutorial and look at including in a future level you decide to create.

Checking out The CLQ I see Ricochet by WetWired still is the top level among the Urban Terror Community. You can check out the compete list. Personally I don’t think a level like ut-downtown can compare to some of the other, better playing, aesthetically pleasing levels. But I guess the gamers like it for some reason. Hopefully the SID created levels will be far and above the community work. Which is not a bad thing. Hear me out. SID mappers are trying to raise the overall quality of their Urban Terror levels. In turn, this will make the community level designers look at their maps and work that much harder to create a level which is as good, if not better than what SID created. I know many do not want to spend time reworking their levels. Once we show off the new levels, you will see what we are driving at.