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Okay things have been a bit too quiet here on The Floor for the past few days. It is not who I can blame, but what I can blame. Seems I am having more issues with wonderful Windows 98se. I have been attempting to install Windows 2000 Professional. Who knows when this will all come about, as I have been sitting in front of this damn box all day. And what has gotten resolved? Nothing! So, if the updates are few and far between, you know the reason.

While at QuakeCon 2000 last year, we were introduced to a program by Discreet called gMax. for a shot of gMax, check out this shot which was posted at Polycount. “The screen is of the “Hades” game pack. This is not an official game pack from ID, instead this is a game pack that a small team (including myself ) are developing internally (here at Discreet) to show how a game pack is made (using Q3A as our test), and to also prove that the game doesn’t need to fit into any certain guidelines to use gmax. The Hades pack proves this: We’ve implemented Brushes as a primitive in gmax, thus you can use any of gmax’s tools on brushes and polygons alike! , says Mike O’Rourke [aka fritzthecat], product designer. You can read the full thread, here. Enjoy!

More tomorrow, as this system is just too unstable at the moment. There will also be a new 6th Floor Poll. I had planned on a larger update, but this will have to do for today. By the way, Urban Terror build_7 kicks ass! Thanks for you understanding and patience.

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