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So, what do you want to hear? Beta 2 is done and available for Urban Terror? Sorry can’t do that? Maybe new maps from Silicon Ice Development? Er, not really, although Gerbil! is compiling some new shot of his map, Pressure Zone for The 6th Floor now. But he is asking I just talk about them and not show them just yet.

Not sure how many of you frequent PlanetQuake. Hell, I still have it marked as my homepage for the past 3 years. Anyway, there is a feature from Love2Play at “the big fuzzy” known Tech Tips. This weeks submission talks about common Quake III error messages. So give it a once over and hopefully you can solve some of those pesky Quake III problems without consulting the Urban Terror Manual. Remember as dokta8 says, “RTFM!!!” That means “read the f***ing manual!!!” if you did not know.

I am not sure how many of you have been following The 6th Floor since the Action Quake 2 days, but, out of those of you who are mappers how many would be interested in a level design contest for Urban Terror? While this has been a topic of discussion with the development team for some time, it was just not the right time to initiate it. Well it looks like the time might be drawing near. While SID has not released any details yet, we are interested to see how many people are interested in a contest of this sort?

Want some more Beta 2 news? Okay….played about 30 more minutes of Beta 2 today with Apoxol, Flux, BBQ and a few others. I realized that the red team has a very shitty spawn point. I think I need to remind BattleCow about that. Of course it would not be the same in terms of Team Survivor of one of the upcoming game modes. It was respawn, die. Respawn, die. It sucked, the blue bastards would camp on the rooftop, sniping. Oh well, I think I did that the day before. We also have a community bug database now being compiled, which should help use solve many of the problems. So when YOU get the beta, it is virtually bug free.

Still interested in Navy Seals? Yeah they have been delayed for a few reasons, but check out their on interview on Stomped.

Do you want to see some of the latest screen shots from the mod, Reaction Quake 3? Here is a level called ReactionMall by [AMC]Centurion. Reminds me of a mall here in SoCal. I still think this looks better than some of the other “ported” Action Quake 2 maps, like TeamJungle. Then again, that is just my opinion and you do not need to agree with it. Here are some other screen shots of items found in Action Quake 2 which will be seen in ReAct3. Good luck guys!

Today’s submission for Link of the Day comes from KFC, who I game with at Netzwerk Terror. At one time or another we all wanted a Bonsai Tree. Okay, so if you are like me, you keep killing these plants. How about a Bonsai Kitten? Don’t kill it. Probably end up smelling like complete shit!

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