Greetings, again, the weekend is here and I am running behind. Spent about 8 hours yesterday with Netzwerk Terror, the local LAN in Redondo Beach, California. After the other games got some RA3 and Instagib out of the way, we got around to some Urban Terror goodness.

I introduced the maps Corn!! and ut-abbeybeta1-7 into the server this week. It was sink or swim. Abbey proved to be a great map. If you recall, this is the sequel level to Tub’s ut-village level. While there are a few annoyances in Abbey, Tub is aware of many of them, so by the time the map reaches Beta 2, it should be high quality and bug free. Corn!! was not as fortunate. Created by Pablo Gil “eXKalibuR” Fernández, the map is still visually impressive, but the game play was quite lacking. I think it lasted about 3 minutes and we moved onto a new level. Sorry eXKalibuR, maybe you should look into updating that level and providing a bit more in terms of game flow.

The main reason for the update tonight was to let you know I took my place atop the ‘Oswald Rant’ soapbox and pounded out an annoyance I see beginning to find its way in the Urban Terror community. While I would be blind to think that our community is perfect. For the most part gamers are good natured. But everyone once in awhile, the proverbial $#%@ hits the fan. Read the latest, Oswald Rant titled, Pass the Online Gaming, Please. If you feel different give me the bird and tell me to “STFU!!!”

By the way, did anyone happen to catch the inaugural kickoff of The XFL??? Just curious. I didn’t but would have liked to have seen some of its interesting rule changes from the NFL.

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