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Going to start off with some news I saw over at Telefragged. Bakshra has complete an Interview with AUT. For those who don’t know, AUT is Action Unreal Tournament and is created by The A-Team. I guess what I took away from this interview, aside from background information and an approximate release date, the eye candy was the most impressive thing in the interview. Check out the eye candy in the screen shots:
[Shot #1] | [Shot #2] | [Shot #3].

I am sure I will receive e-mails concerning this and you will want to know what I think. Based on their tentative release date, “Probably sometime during the second and third quarter of this year,” who knows what will be on the table in terms of new gaming engines. I am sure Counter-Strike will still be going strong, and hopefully Urban Terror will have made up much ground, maybe not on Half-Life but on Quake III mods in general. So it will be curious to watch and see what sort of noise AUT makes. I was big into that, but with little development and not much news it became difficult to follow.

The results of the last poll are in and counted. We wanted to know how you rated the popularity of Urban Terror. In a modest margin of victory, this was “The only reason to play Quake III.” We like that answer. Beta 2 will not let you down. Check out this week’s poll, which begs the question, “What do you look forward to in Urban Terror Beta 2?”

Must cut it short, Scully and The X-Files is on shortly. Now for you Link of the Day: Project: FAT. Wanna get paid to eat? Wanna plump up? Gain 30 pounds, gain $3000US. Hell no, I am not going double the size of my ass!

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