Oswald Rant: Urban Terror Development Team – Mappers

Although mapping is usually a task left to those in the community, the Urban Development Team did take on a few known mappers from Action Quake, along with a couple new names to create a core group of maps for the beta release. Although not all the mappers are included here with a bio, the team members are: Battle Cow, Gerbil!, Gimp, mourne, NRGizer, The Riddler and WU.

Mourne is currently working on his first mod in Urban Terror, but has been playing Quake since the beginning. Before that it was Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem. Another id Software fanatic!

“I love doing graphics stuff primarily Photoshop, but my main deal is computer hardware and software, mostly networking. I’m in college doing a Cisco networking program, and am 3/4 of the way thru it. I am then going to take a test and become CCNA certified.”

Most of mourne’s spare time is spent on workin on Urban Terror, creating maps. “I just finished Thief: Gold (one kick ass game)….I also play Action Half-Life and Action Quake 2…as soon as I can get my hands on Thief II, I am play that! Sometimes I load up SNES and play Chronotrigger, FF5, FF6 and Metroid 3.”

NRGizer is known in the Action Quake 2 community thanks in part to his contributions in the way of four maps, based on the small, west coast, Finnish town he lives in. “The maps I made for AQ2 were semi-popular, but I feel that I’ve really found my place now, where I can take advantage of the massive polycounts coming with the Q3 engine. Other than mapping I guess I’m a little of an all rounder when it comes to computers.”

His personal background includes all things Urban Terror and school. Before UT there was also time for some sports, like basketball and also some music. I live in a little town named Malax (6000 inhabitants), Finland. I’m going on my second year in Vasa Ovningsskola where I’m attending the IB programme.

WU is the final mapper and considers himself fairly proficient with Photoshop and loves to map, that is why he is on the Urban Development Team.

“I started mapping for Quake 2, but I never released anything due to quality (I was learning…hehe). I played AQ2 some, but probably not as much as the others. I played Rogue Spear addictively for a little while as well. Quake 3 1v1 is probably my favorite for now (until this beta comes out of course =P ). Being an lpb, I love q3dm17 (I’m a rail whore). Most of one map is done (the urban one in some of the screen shots), as well as a lot done of that beach house map. I have never done realistic mapping, so this has been a bit of a learning experience for me. Well, I really have to get to mapping now or else this map won’t be done in time for the beta.

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