What is Happening Here?

What exactly is going on here at The 6th Floor is a bit out of my control unfortunately. I am getting mixed signals, from a few different sources regarding the status of the site. Most recently, that is was up and operational, which is good news. The bad news is, I am on holiday (as our mates in the UK call it), so there has been no real update for about five days. There are numerous things I am working on and have not forgotten about all the different items I have been talking about, namely new map reviews, an interview and some previews of upcoming maps.

What I do know about the status of the server The 6th Floor is housed on is this:

“Hi, Lurker here. I just spoked to Ellusion on the phone now. He should be coming online within a week or so. The problem with aq.com is that the server is placed (and owned) by the company he works for and someone there have prolly begun messing with the server without knowing what they’re doing. Ell isn’t happy at all how they have messed up everything, and he can’t go to their office as it is in another city AFAIK. When he gets online, I’m sure he’ll resolve it and find out what’s going on.-Lurker” 

This is the best news I have heard recently. I have had a few other people contact me with regards to The 6th Floor and wanting to host it. And as of right now, I have made no decisions as to the future home of this site. If all goes well, then it will remain exaclty where it is and where I would prefer to stay. But if something beyond my control, of Ellusion’s control should happen, I will be contacting some other source to host this site.

As for a real update, check back often, hopefully I can get some extra time while relaxing in sunny and warm San Diego to get around and do a “REAL” update. There have been no real changes in new test maps at AQMD, I do have a few previews and some information on new maps people have been sending me. Look for more information here or at AQMD.

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