WTF? Where are the New Reviews?

The new reviews have all been put on hold until the new 6th Floor is up and running. Any reviews I do now, will not make the grade for the upcoming and improved 6th Floor. If you would like opinions or comments on maps, just email me. I will also be posting comments over at AQMD, with a few here at this site. The new site, with new review format is coming along. I feel it will provide the players and mapper with much more information, as opposed to how I currently review. Along with reviews, which we shall call “good”, will come the “bad and the ugly.” Although we will not dwell on these maps, but there will be comments on them. Please check out some of the new maps, as they look great. I love those photo realistic textures. More news to follow…

A New Map at the LAN

Although the map riot2 by Ellusion is still currently in its beta2 stage, the map is very impressive, both from a aesthetics standpoint and game play. I was permitted to beta test it this last weekend at the Netzwerk Terror LAN, with the help of 17 of my closest friends. When was the last time you play Action with 18 total players? It was great fun and full of non-stop fragging.

Riot2 is the follow up to one of the most successful unofficial maps I have ever played. This map, as I am sure some of you are aware, is not available here, at AQMD, because it was never submitted. It was available The Mapzone, but it seems the file is listed, but the map is not on the server. I had a chance to play his follow-up map, currently called Riot2b2 (b2 as in beta2). There were a few minor changes from the beta1 version, which fixed a few visual inaccuracies and a few spots which made for prime sniper spots.

This new map he has created is not nearly the size of his original release, but that does not affect the game play. We started out with 9v9, all weapons represented (that was a first)! The play depicts a city layout similar to the initial release. The streets twist and wind through back alleys and buildings. There are even a few elevated areas scattered through a few buildings, none of which really give a sniper much of advantage, due to the lack of objects to hide behind.

There are many “landmarks” in which to learn the city, such an bar, fast food restaurant, import & export warehouse, recording studio, weapons shop, post office (closed due to robbery), newsstand and a subway (looks great and includes a moving subway car).

In my opinion, this map ranks, more then his first release, Riot in the upper echelon of maps released. Hopefully, it will make it to the Test Matrix after a bit more beta testing. Keep an eye out for this one! I’ll keep you posted as to the status of it. If you are curious where Riot falls in according to The CLQ, it comes in 21st, with 64,190 minutes played and 18,299 frags.

A Big Thanks

First, I would like to thank a few people for keeping my little web experiment going. Mikey at Action World, [MM]THX at Action Quake Forever and Death Magnet at AQMD for their time in trying to keep you, the players updated as to the whereabouts of The 6th Floor. It has been a rough and ugly month, but it looks like troubles are now behind me. It is now official and I do not expect to see any sort of response from the party who has control of the server in Scandinavia. This has been confirmed by another source. No big lose, it will take some time to win back a few supporters of the site.

I know I keep talking about big changes taking place. There are many in the works, such as a new and improved look of the site, better navigation and better quality of reviews. I have been working with a second party about revising the map reviews. It is actually an interesting idea when it was proposed to me, and it makes quite a bit of sense. After I we draw up the specifics, I will share them with you. All of this is leading to a better 6th Floor to server you, the Action gaming public. Because, isn’t that why I am here?

Onto the new maps…there have been a good amount or releases lately. Since I have been unable to really do much in the way of daily updates and notes on maps, I have been spending much more time playing and fine tuning my sniping skill (all my clan members quit your snickering). From Jesper Myrfors comes three maps, all of which offer up some excellent texturing. There is something to be said about photo-realistic textures. His released maps are: alley1, alley2 and hwy666. Check out this screen shot from alley1. Some of the best texturing I have seen to date.

From Squirrel comes his follow up map to Loveboat called temple. This map transports you into a Indiana Jones type movie setting and as Death Magnet mentions feels a bit like jungle1. The other releases include snakesmap by _Solidsnake and camel by Joost van der Velde and Nick van Ginkel, known as The Riddler and Mindmaker.

I’m Back…Sorta

Greetings again! It looks like I am back to where I started the little site, back on my local ISP. If you read through the previous few rants, you should get some sort of idea what happened. I do not know the whole situation, as the server and the op is half way around the world. But I would like to thank Ellusion again for the time I spent on the server.

I really hate to do this to you, because you have to keep re-bookmarking this site. But bear with me, it will only change one more time. That change will hopefully happen sometime soon. Damn, it seems like I have been talking about this new site design for months. Well, I guess I have, but you know those artsy types, always getting some creative urge. But it WILL be worth the wait.

This is only a temporary site and will not include everything I had on my site previously, because I do not have the unlimited space like I did at But it should serve its purpose, to bring you complete reviews of the newest maps being released over at my second home, AQMD. Due to the limited space (6MBs) I have, I will limit what I put up for your enjoyment. I will do my best until the new site is ready and I am moved in. Any questions, you can now email me at, as the email is no longer valid.

A New Beginning

After weeks of continued problems and no updates, there is a new change on the horizon. I received email from Ellusion (my host for The 6th Floor) in Scandinavia regarding the status of the host computer. Some names, emails and places of business have been removed for privacy.

Hi there Oswald, I’m terribly sorry for the problems you’ve had with the 6th floor in my absence and hope we can find a way to solve this. As you might have been told, lightning got the better of the ISDN centrals where I live, but that’s not the entire reason why I have been offline for so long. You see I work as a webdesigner, and the last 6 months I’ve been working for a firm called XXXXXX. This is the same firm who owns the domain and it’s server. It turns out the man behind XXXXXX is quite the little scammer, and now owes me quite the amount of money. Money I would otherwise use to pay my living and phonebills. I’m sure you can see the picture here. XXXXXX will be presented to my lawyer this Monday, and until I can get an explanation of what his intentions are, I will have little control over what happens with the server. Again, I’m terribly sorry that you had to be caught up in this. It’s things like this you never see happening before one is in the middle of it. You could try and send him a mail just asking what’s up with your access problems (xxxxx@xxxxxx.xx) , or if the situation is that you want to remove the site to a better suited location for now, I could try and get into the server to retrieve everything you would need. Should you decide to move the 6th floor, I can probably pull some strings at PlanetQuake if Telefragged isn’t interested, should you want that. As much as I want to keep the domain alive, I hope you understand it’s difficult for me under the current circumstances. Let me know what I can do to help, and I will try my best to work this out for you, seeing as I feel responsible for the situation I’ve unknowingly put the 6th floor in. On the brigther side of things, I love the work you’ve done with the site so far, the reviews and work with AQMD. You seems to have shapen up the AQMD in quite a way, so much in fact that I’ll probably submit an upcoming map 🙂 If you want to take a look at Riot2 which we’re currently testing for bugs now, let me know and I’ll send it to you.Sincererly,Per ‘Ellusion’ Nyhaug

As I mentioned before I have had quite a few inquires on what will happen to The 6th Floor