The Weekend was a Blur

What is a LAN without alcohol? Uh, I cannot remember…but I will tell you this, I did not make it on Saturday night. I did get to play a few new maps over the internet before succumbing to darkness. However, I did not make it for our clan play. So much for a body powered by Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I did update the review grid with three maps which will be reviewed this week. Also included on the bottom of the review page is a smaller grid which now holds reviews for the support programs, like CGF and AMDi (the only two I have reviewed). I do plan on down loading the CGF mission editor and the CGF launcher.

I need to apologize to [tBd]NRGizeR, author of the newly released mxcity. He has been trying to get a hold of me the past weekend to get an interview, but I was a bit busy with out of town guests and then Saturday, I was at the NT LAN in ‘N/A (Extended Away) mode on ICQ. If everything works out, I should have his review completed later today.

Some time back, I did mention I was getting a new format for The 6th Floor. It is still coming, but [NT]Overkill is having a small problem which requires some extra programming. He did not give me an exact date, but he did say it is looking good.