More New Maps

I feel like I am falling behind in the number of reviews, relative to the number of recent releases. Rest assured, I will get about 5 new maps in this weekend after I attend the NT LAN, which I have been unavailable for the past few weeks. On that note, Action Quake Map Depot released mxcity by [tbd]NRGizer. I spoke about this map before, mxcity: Malax City 2083 by [tBd] NRGizeR: This map is reminiscent of a deserted ghost town. Although this map pushes the Quake engine too far and begins clipping, it is still worth examining. The layout has three groups of buildings of varying proportions. When your view is not impeded by the clipping of the map, there is the possibility for some long distance kills. Another mentionable, which might prevent it from official release. The use of questionable texture. That texture is a ‘Dr. Pepper’ logo which is on a soda vending machine. The prefab looks outstanding, but we know how they frown on illegal textures.

In other map news, there are a new set of maps up and available for official testing: snakesmap by _Solidsnake, which has been on the Matrix for a few days. acmet by INTERVAL, which is a great looking, but large city, may new textures! coverme by Sir Caliber, which is a small city map, looks like it could yield come good TP. tbcity by GermanFF & Slasher, this map looks outstanding, from the unique, well textured streets and buildings to the colorful billboards, the only drawback are the r_speeds which run a bit high.