Action Quake 2 is Officially Complete

Suislide and Bartender give their final “goodbyes” on the Action Quake 2 page. “For all practical purposes it is mature and bug free. This mod is Officially done,” says Suislide. But there is a minimal chance that Fireblade, if motivated could finish the final update. Suislide will not dedicate his time to Action Half-Life (which I have yet to play). For further information on Action Quake 2, head to their homepage. This by no means should be “THE END” of the mod as we know it. With unlimited ideas and many willing to take on the challenges of mapping, Action Quake 2 should continue to flourish and continue to maintain in the community.

AMDi Review

AMDi v1.03 – [ACTION MAP DEPOT interactive]author: Fonzie courtesy of Borderfield. Now here is a small Action Quake 2 utility which can be put to good use, especially if you have many Action maps, but you are not really sure which ones you still need. AMDi stands for Action Map Depot interactive, what it does is interacts with the Action Quake Map Depot (AQMD) to create a current list of maps that are available. The maps are then highlighted in different colors depending on the status of the map on your computer. The maps are most commonly sorted by map title, file name or author, depending on what is easiest for you.

The installation is quick and easy, taking only minutes to set up and I was ready to check out the interface. A small window appears with a few different buttons to control navigation around the area. You are initially asked to show AMDi the path of your Quake 2 directory, then it immediately updates and lists officially released maps. Each map will be listed with the following information: MapTitle / File Name / Author / Download Size (KB) /Review? / Install?

Along with this information, the applicable maps will be color coded according to its current status. Blue means the map is installed, red is a non-installed map and green is a map pack. The last two column are in unique to the program and will have either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ listed. If there is a ‘Yes’, then you are able to review map and install them directly from AMDi, if there is a ‘No’ then it is not available. These two functions will only work when you are accessing the internet.

Currently there are 119 maps available at AQMD, of which I have 115 installed, which computes to 96.64% of the maps available, your percentage will vary. Remember this program does not take into account unofficial maps which were not submitted to or released by AQMD. The missing maps are the four map packs, I never did download. The menu bar interface will let you quickly and easily use any of the nine functions from updating the master list to reading a review. This has to one of the most useful little programs out there for keeping your Action Quake maps organized. Definitely head over to Borderfield and download AMDi v1.03 (2.34MB).Coming Soon – Review of Map Rid by Death Magnet

Action Quake 2 Utility Program

By now, I am sure most have heard of Computer Generated Forces v0.78 [CGF], better known as the Action Quake bot, created by William. Death Magnet has recently finished a new version of MapRid v1.5, which will delete all those sub par maps that you do not want cluttering your hard drive. Borderfield has a few programs which are useful for Action players, first is AMDi v1.03 by Fonz, which is an interactive program that will detect and recognize which maps you are lacking. Giving you the opportunity to download those files. Also at Borderfield is the CGF Mission Editor by Incubus, which “is a really useful tool for anyone who want’s to write his own CGF scripts.” This is great to see such support for a mod of this type.