Shagg&The Map Zone

Spoke with Shagg recently, as he is still in the process of getting the new Mapzone up and running again. He is still a the current, address, but will be moving to soon. He also decided to get an assistant Webmaster, so you will be hearing and reading comments from XCheckR. The new maps are now posted and the test maps I am going back though to bring you what is best. Remember when downloading a test map, go back to AQMD and fill out the questionnaire, it takes all of one minute to go though. This will help decide what gets released.

On another note, I am considering putting together a new map pack. I would like to get input for you, the player, as to what you would maps you would like to see included. Take a look at the previous packs, as I would like to avoid this “classic” maps. I figure if we can get 7-10 good quality maps, it should prove a hit. Any ideas? Email or send it ICQ (#20012280).