Bare with Me Here

I have many things going on right now as they related to the site. I have multiple interviews to host, featuring T.T.I and Holy Goat. I have about 4 reviews that are waiting and ready to be uploaded. I finally got all my HTML code together along with all the graphics from [NT]Overkill for The 6th Floor. He has done an excellent job on it, hopefully all of you will feel the same way and like new look and interface. And yes, the cross hair is staying for all to play with. When all this will take place, I am not too sure. Over the course of the next 3-5 days, I hope. I also see that Death Magnet “cleaned house” at AQMD, releasing Arcadia by Ætherum, Beware by WOLF[BiA], Cloud by MaXy, Dam by Castrator and Theist by SteelHORN. All of which are still on the ‘Test Page’ under New Action Maps. So hang in there a few more days, and you will be mildly surprised at what will transpire. If you ever sent me email at, drop me another email, I lost all my documents and email addresses when I reformatted my Windows98 drive. Think I learned my lesson? BACK FILES UP!!!