FINALLY! Aggression is Finished!

Alright then…it is about time I complete this review of KaRRiLLioN’s map titled Aggression City. If you have not experienced this map, do check it out. I consider it his best map to date. It is rather small map and very tight. Do you own a hand cannon? Then definitely bring it with you for this beauty. In conjunction with AQMD, I renamed the ‘Mapper’s Corner’ to ‘Mapper’s Spotlight’. This week in the spotlight is Squirrel, who has recently had his map, Loveboat released.

Back on Track

It may not look like it, but I am getting back on track here at The 6th Floor. There has been a bit of news floating around, most of which I am sure you have seen on sites such as Action World and Action Quake Forever, so I see no reason to repeat it. There were two new maps released yesterday at AQMD. The first was Loveboat by Squirrel, which is set on a cruise ship, or for those of us still living in the 1970s, the TV series. And no Issac will not be able to mix you a drink. The second is Motel by bobbins, which is set in a rundown and old hotel. There is also a new Map Resource d00d in place at AQMD, that being FiReWaLKeR[TDm], who created Murder. He is there for all your resouces and mapping needs. Holy Goat has decided to concentrate more on Action Half-Life. Also, Swoosh the infamous “Monkey Wrangler” of the forum will be wrangling no more at the AQMD. Not sure if he will still be involved in testing or not. I have yet to hear.