Welcome Back Map Zone

It is good to hear that Shagg has The Mapzone up and running again, but this time around, it is strictly unofficial maps, due to circumstances set forth by the administrators of the host site. He is also looking for help, if you know basic html and can work Dreamweaver, email Shagg. Remeber to do your part and download a test map or two and then complete the simple questionnaire, this will hopefully speed up the review and testing process, giving map authors quicker feedback and you players new maps on a regular basis. I know I mentioned this a few days back, but on the main page, you will see a small area, which seems to be missing some graphics. By clicking on this area, you can instantaneously download the Q2plugin, which will give up real time information on the 6th Floor Action Quake teamplay server, hosted by Dr. Frag and myself. The IP address is, and we are still working on a current map rotations.