AHL Released&Moving into the Weekend

Unless you are just crawling out of a very dark hole, then you know Action Half-Life was released yesterday at 5:30pm PDT. After an hour so, I decided to give the download a whirl. BIG mistake, I was download at just over 2k/min….which I decided was not worth the three and a half hours I would have to wait. After stopping by the Thursday night LAN festivities at Netzwerk Terror, I had the host download it a 40k using ADSL. I then began reading some of the early comments on AHL the Action Quake 2 forum, most of which were not very favorable. But as I read more comments today, most reminded us that Action Half-Life still is, after all only a beta version. So, as now, I have yet to demo the beta of AHL. That sits perfectly fine with me, since I have many other things going on, such as a few new reviews and installing my new processor. I just upgraded from a Celeron 300a to a Celeron 366, which will be overclocked to 550MHz! ROCK! With that, have a great Action weekend and watch for continuous updates this weekend.

Busy Day with Updates

It has been quite a productive day, as I have been updating, interviewing and reviewing for The 6th Floor. I followed Death Magnet’s thoughts regarding The CLQ’s top Action Quake 2 maps. Now, on the main page, there will be a list of the Top Ten Action Quake 2 Maps. This will continuously be updated to reflect any change in map ranking. This will hopefully help answer that nagging question of, “Which maps are most popular?” and “Which maps should I download?” You must remember that not all servers will be running these maps exclusively, but this should give most players a base map file on which to build.I also was able to interview two mappers today. The first interview was with Gerbil! of the Urban series. You should be able to see this interview in a few days. Since he has moved on to Half Life: Counterstrike, he is most likely not going to make any more maps for Action Quake 2. The other author, is a relative new comer to Action mapping, that being, Squirrel, who lives in Finland. His most recent submission, Loveboat should be released in coming days. if you have not checked this map out, head over the ‘Test Maps’ under ‘New Action Maps’ and download it. Looks to be a very promising map.I have also updated the ‘Action Map Reviews’ to reflect what I am currently working on. Those maps include Aggression by KaRRiLLioN =AR=, Longfall by Kristian Berg, which is still in testing, Trainer by SGT Sneaky and Asylum by Holy Goat. I should have outlast two finished by tomorrow, one which is Aggression City, the other, I am undecided as of yet.I have also added the Q2 Plugin, which is available for The 6th Floor Action Quake 2 Team Play Server. The ip address is It should be up and running on a regular basis, of course right now, I am receiving “bad address.” If you want to check the action out, give it a try. We are still working out some minor details. Expect good things come Saturday.We are into hours now, waiting in anticipation for Action Half Life. I have thought it over and I will be reviewing Action Half Life maps. It will probably take a bit of extra time to get everything up and going, so don’t expect much right away. There are 10 maps included in the download. We will see how this goes and attempt to begin reviews from there.

Update Today!

I finally had the opportunity to finish the Subway99 review by T.T.I., author of Subway 1/2. I also received an early version of the map I spoke about this morning by Squirrel called ‘The Hunt for the HUGE Diamond.’ I had a chance to download the early stages of this maps creation, and it looks like it is going to be a great map! More on that when we see how it is progressing. Word comes from [20ID]God Incarnate, that

Lighthouse2 is almost done! I’m putting it through beta testing with my clan right now. I’m sorry to say it isn’t vastly different from the original, but I have not had much time to work on maps lately.

He is even considering converting the map to Action Half-Life. Dr. Frag and I are slowly working on the AQ2 server, but depending on the success of AHL, may be put on hold. I’ll release the address after we determine what we are going to do with it. The server is called 6th Floor Action Quake 2 Server.

Up and Coming Maps

As always, there are authors designing new Action maps, here are two which look promising, just click the links for a screen shot. The first map is by krebscycle titled kreby’s krib and the other is titled “The Hunt for the HUGE Diamond,” by Squirrel. This map is still at an early stage of its development. We are almost at zero hour and the release of Action Half-Life. I noticed the update over at AHL, they have already turned 100k hits, and the mod is not even released yet. Due to curiosity sake, I will probably get a copy of it tomorrow, I still think it is going to be a majority of eye candy, some enhanced game play and the same slow Half-Life engine. I hope I am incorrect. There are some who want to know, “Am I going to run a 6th Floor review site for AHL maps?” I have not decided, I am sure there are going to be many people out there throwing sites onto the internet, similar to what we saw with the CGF and extra missions. If I do review AHL maps, they will be included on this same page and you will be able to choose in the beginning if you want AHL or AQ2. Oh, I am a bit slow but I am still working on Subway99.

A Simple Update: Part Deux

I have accomplished a few items today. First, I have a review up for Team Depot by Strag. Currently I am in the middle of reviewing Subway99 by T.T.I., which will be completed tomorrow morning, if I am not too tired when I get off work. I also had the opportunity to spend some time with Pacman[TECH] and interview him regarding his recently released map, Winter: Fraggin’ & Laggin’ In a Winter Wonderland. The test matrix at AQMD is up and running. When you download a map, fill out the questionnaire, it only takes 30 seconds to a minute. All you do is click on the answer that closest resembles what you think of the map. There are new maps which have passed Swoosh testing, I am hesitant to update my test maps section, because I feel that of the four maps I previewed, none really looked as if they had too much potential in their current state. For those of you who play with the CGF, Bot Central has a new mission/route writer and an update with some new missions for jungle and teacher. Enjoy the update!