Daily Rant – April 06

I need to thank dEucE for getting everyone’s approval to play Action Quake early last week at the NT LAN. We even had the opportunity to check out a few of the newer maps, Lighthouse by God Inc and Tokyo by Scuzzy. Both proved to be a smashing success as they made their way into our Action Quake map rotation. I am in the process of reviewing Cinema, Lighthouse and Tokyo for the review page. I must say, Scuzzy did an outstanding job on Tokyo! The textures are awesome. The reviews should be up by days end. I guess since I enjoy Action Quake so damn much, I should have known about The Map Zone. The site holds both official (by AQMD standards) and unofficial maps for Action Quake. I have only downloaded a couple, those being the Lock ‘n Load Trilogy by The Hunter and Wartime2 by Wolf[BIA]. Check this site out it has a great layout and good information.

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