A New Map at the LAN

Although the map riot2 by Ellusion is still currently in its beta2 stage, the map is very impressive, both from a aesthetics standpoint and game play. I was permitted to beta test it this last weekend at the Netzwerk Terror LAN, with the help of 17 of my closest friends. When was the last time you play Action with 18 total players? It was great fun and full of non-stop fragging.

Riot2 is the follow up to one of the most successful unofficial maps I have ever played. This map, as I am sure some of you are aware, is not available here, at AQMD, because it was never submitted. It was available The Mapzone, but it seems the file is listed, but the map is not on the server. I had a chance to play his follow-up map, currently called Riot2b2 (b2 as in beta2). There were a few minor changes from the beta1 version, which fixed a few visual inaccuracies and a few spots which made for prime sniper spots.

This new map he has created is not nearly the size of his original release, but that does not affect the game play. We started out with 9v9, all weapons represented (that was a first)! The play depicts a city layout similar to the initial release. The streets twist and wind through back alleys and buildings. There are even a few elevated areas scattered through a few buildings, none of which really give a sniper much of advantage, due to the lack of objects to hide behind.

There are many “landmarks” in which to learn the city, such an bar, fast food restaurant, import & export warehouse, recording studio, weapons shop, post office (closed due to robbery), newsstand and a subway (looks great and includes a moving subway car).

In my opinion, this map ranks, more then his first release, Riot in the upper echelon of maps released. Hopefully, it will make it to the Test Matrix after a bit more beta testing. Keep an eye out for this one! I’ll keep you posted as to the status of it. If you are curious where Riot falls in according to The CLQ, it comes in 21st, with 64,190 minutes played and 18,299 frags.

Shagg&The Map Zone

Spoke with Shagg recently, as he is still in the process of getting the new Mapzone up and running again. He is still a the current, http://www.mapzone.net address, but will be moving to http://mapzone.games.theplanet.net soon. He also decided to get an assistant Webmaster, so you will be hearing and reading comments from XCheckR. The new maps are now posted and the test maps I am going back though to bring you what is best. Remember when downloading a test map, go back to AQMD and fill out the questionnaire, it takes all of one minute to go though. This will help decide what gets released.

On another note, I am considering putting together a new map pack. I would like to get input for you, the player, as to what you would maps you would like to see included. Take a look at the previous packs, as I would like to avoid this “classic” maps. I figure if we can get 7-10 good quality maps, it should prove a hit. Any ideas? Email or send it ICQ (#20012280).

Welcome Back Map Zone

It is good to hear that Shagg has The Mapzone up and running again, but this time around, it is strictly unofficial maps, due to circumstances set forth by the administrators of the host site. He is also looking for help, if you know basic html and can work Dreamweaver, email Shagg. Remeber to do your part and download a test map or two and then complete the simple questionnaire, this will hopefully speed up the review and testing process, giving map authors quicker feedback and you players new maps on a regular basis. I know I mentioned this a few days back, but on the main page, you will see a small area, which seems to be missing some graphics. By clicking on this area, you can instantaneously download the Q2plugin, which will give up real time information on the 6th Floor Action Quake teamplay server, hosted by Dr. Frag and myself. The IP address is, and we are still working on a current map rotations.

It’s Official!

By now, I assume most have seen the news out of AQMD regarding The 6th Floor and The Mapzone. As I mentioned a few days back I contacted Death Magnet to become “involved” with AQMD. So after some discussion and numerous emails, I will now represent AQMD with official Action Quake Reviews. What does this mean to you? Nothing much, you will still get the same high quality of reviews and a regular basis, along with news and interviews. I really did want to step in and work on AQMD, but I realized I did not know enough programming to be successful. This arrangement should work out great for all parties involved. You will probably see a few updates by me on AQMD, and I usually frequent the forum on a regular basis, although I don’t know the first thing about mapping. Maybe I should learn. Also, as some of you may noticed, I forgot to upload the Lava tube review yesterday, only I realized this last night around midnight when I was already at work. More later today!