Interactive Radio

It has been nearly 8 years I have been producing and presenting Urban Radio to the Urban Terror Community. One of the most difficult things to achieve (outside of success) is listener/viewer interaction. I continue to try and see how I can get those gamers who tune to actively participate.

One feature that has been successful is the Urban Radio Server of the week. In 2008, the two weeks we have hosted the show just Fraggin’ and Clan Head Shots Only have enjoyed their participation. This continues to be one of the best ways to get gamers “in the game.” They play some Urban Terror on the server that is being pimped and listen to the show.

Recently, Spellbinder and I have got TeamSpeak working so gamers can interact with me, live on the air. Now, I don’t know what it is, but gamers have not flocked to this new feature as I figured they would. Sure, there were a few gamers, like Black Republican, Undertaker and Klarity who came on air and interacted. But outside of that, it has been very difficult to get YOU, the gamer to join the conversation? Why?

The video stream seems to be quite the roller coaster. One week the numbers are way up, the next they are way down. Not sure if there is anything I can do on my end in order to prove a better presentation. I have a few things in the works, but right now they are all just “developmental.”

I have always been very grateful of the gamers who take time out of their day to tune in to Urban Radio. In return, I hope I am professional in my presentation and gamers will return for the following show. If gamers don’t support the show, then like we have seen in years past, my interest will wane and the show will become the on again, off again variety that no one wants to see.

What can be done? Interact during the show! That is all that is asked, join the Urban Radio Server of the Week, join the discussion in #urbanterror on ETG or Quakenet and get on TeamSpeak and BE HEARD! There are many who throw their ‘tude around on the forums and disagree with what I say. Now is your chance for the proverbial “face to face.” Stand up and be heard. Urban Radio will only survive with the interaction and support of the community. Thanks.

Urban Radio Success!

I just want to pass on a big round of thanks to everyone who showed up in support of Urban Radio today on Inside the Game. We actually had a first today, a live video feed of the broadcast. Talk about coming a long way! On Friday Spellbinder and I tested the connection and setup through a program called Stickam and it worked nearly error free. Although I am still having a bitch of a time getting TS2 working correctly for shoutcasting.

The show went off without a hitch today. I fired up the video stream about 30 minutes early and lo and behold we had viewers waiting for the show to begin, so I did a bit of a pre-show show for them as I was setting up and prepping for the show. The cool thing about Stickam is you do not have to register or download a thing. Can’t beat that, just use the link and connect to my video feed complete with a IRC style chat window.

Someone asked in the Urban Terror Forums about using it for game casting, and yes I can accomplish that rather easily. I am already working on it now in order to bring two video streams together into one. So, for example I could in a QA test server for the new Urban Terror and you could see my face in the lower portion of the screen. Ain’t technology grand?

So, from me to all of you out there in Urban Terror land, thank you much and we will see you on the respawn!