Time, Lack Thereof

Time. Where does it go? And why can’t I get some extra? This is obviously most notable when my days off from work roll around each week. But even during the week, there does not seem to be enough time to get things done. Like that proverbial “money tree” time is something we cannot buy. There are 24 hours each day and we must be able to live accordingly.

While the birth of our son, which is one of the best things that has happened in my life is a wonderful thing, it does take a lot of your time. They always say enough the younger years because they go fast. Hmm, who knows, but I am sure I will be saying that in 10-15 years. I don’t spend nearly as much time as my wife does with “Zoom” but the past few weeks I have spent more and more, in an attempt to give her a small break.

Needless to say many projects and extracurricular activities have sort of taken a back seat to seeing to his well being. The Cougar for example, well I have not put but maybe 4 hours into it the past 2 months. Thankfully I have spent time working on our yard, the landscape and more preparation work. But many of those activities I took for granted are no longer possible because I have a greater responsibility to my wife and son. Shoutcasting of online gaming, nearly dead. I have held one episode of Urban Radio some weeks ago. Again, a lack of time or better yet a bigger responsibility does not allow for this, at least now.

So, my ‘STD List’ (that’s shit to do list’ will continue to grow and hopefully little by little I will accomplish some of the tasks, while adding to the list. As for the Cougar…hahah…I have no idea when I will get it running, let alone off the jack stands. I was hoping December, but as I look at it, I don’t think I will make it.

Cobwebs on the Computer

Boy, I sure wish I had another few hours every day to spend on my computer, but unfortunately we all get 24 hours to budget each day. I knew our son, Zachary would take up most of our efforts every day. I never knew infants needed to be changed so often. I’ll consider myself lucky, as I still have more time than my wife, who has spends maybe an hour a week now. The same wife I would go to bed without sometimes as she was gaming online, playing Urban Terror.

Speaking of Urban Terror, those who read The 6th Floor daily probably want to know what the hell is happening? No updates? No news? Release info? WTF? Well, for starters, I can guarantee a release…soon, well soon-ish. We still have a very dedicated core group who enjoy working with each other, people I have grown attached to over the years. So, while the news and gaming have been relatively nonexistent, the “PR machine” will start rolling shortly.

We have bigger plans in the work as a legitimate business, but right now details cannot be discussed. With crap that continues to be turned out by some of the game companies, I find it difficult to say that if Urban Terror were managed differently from the start, with a broader scope in mind, I am sure we could have been bigger than were at our high point. Even now, those of us who make up Frozen Sand, LLC think we have what it takes to develop and release a retail game.

Now I am not saying we are the next id or Dice, but we know we have what it takes to develop a product that the end user wants. Just walk the aisles of your local software story and look at all the crap that is out there! You have to ask yourself, how the hell does some of this get released? Maybe you don’t, but I do. I guess that is part of the development or change in views I now have considering I can call myself a “developer” in some respect.

So while my second home is no longer IRC and Urban Radio probably will not make a comeback. I maybe have covered my last Urban Terror match, which happened to be one of the best ever [Portugal vs USA]. The team is still alive, as is the drive we have to compete as a business. Hopefully we can still make a grand exit with Urban Terror as we transition to other development plans.

OMFG Gaming!

It’s not often I have experienced top notch game play while providing color commentary for Inside The Game. That is not to say I have not covered some good matches over the 4 years I have been ‘shoutcasting‘ but nothing that makes me say, “you gotta hear this!” That all changed recently when I accepted to cover Medal of Honor for Clanbase. In fact, it was the second match I covered that I saw one of the most memorable matches between MyGspot Gaming v The pers0wnages Clan. Final score of the match was 15-13, as we went down to the wire, as the match was decided in the last two rounds.

Yesterday, I was privy to provide coverage for Urban Terror from the Clanbase Fall 2005 Open Cup Premier Finals. This was a match that gamers hoped when the groups were announced we would see. Of course all gamers want to participate in a finals match, but over the course of the past 12 months or so, The Syndicate of Finland and Tricky Klan of Portugal have been the top two clans at Clanbase.

This match went into a double, sudden death overtime before the match was decided. It’s unfortunate that either clan had to loose because those who tuned into GTV and the shoutcast experienced something they will probably never see again. This match was played the way Urban Terror should be played! Skills reigned supreme, teamwork flourished and kills piled up on both sides. We had last second wins and some outstanding comebacks by both clans.

In the end it would be Tricky Klan taking the victory, 5-3 (2-pt per map win) over a very good Syndicate clan. I believe Mauri of Tricky Klan summed it up nicely, “Now that was a fucking game if I ever played one. Intense, skilled and amazing teamwork by both teams all throughout the match, like everyone expected (at least I sure did). Thank you [s] for being such a good opponent, every cw we’ve played has always been a perfect display of how this game should be played.” You can relive the experience here, download the cast. Congrats once again to TK for they amazing victory! And yes, 3.8 is coming! Promise!

A Warm Welcome

I was rather excited to see my name in lights, so to speak. I received an e-mail today from the guy in charge of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault at Clanbase, his name is GeorgeLuz (remember the movie Band of Brothers?). He made mention of dropping a news story on Clanbase announcing my intent at Inside The Game to provide commentary for Medal of Honor. Cool, I thought. Little did I know it would be on the main page. Stop by Clanbase and read all the comments!

Now if that was not pimp enough (thanks George!) but the MoH:AA community seems very excited about the prospect of shoutcast coverage, based on comments I have read on the forums, comments and from feedback. Here are just a collection of comments:

Welcome Oswald. This is so cool, just what MOH needs :)” – mac (sod)
Just listened to the test shoutcast and it really sounded awesome.” G-Shock (SpotlightS)
Well done george. That guy is pro 🙂” – Dying^ ((>)
thats the best shoutcasted match and shoutcaster i have heard. hes fucking ace.” – Blzrd^ (CHU)
That was class Oswald Nicely done. For us ‘MoH:AA players’, shoutcasting at this level is new” – Advocate (CB)
fucking awsome 😀” – Coolio^fin (FIN).

First I want to extend my thanks to the MoH:AA community at Clanbase, as I am excited, which I usually am when I cast, at the upcoming EuroCup and Nations Cup action that I will be a part of. These sort of comments also boost my confidence level. Oddly enough I do listen to all my casts after the fact in order to see how well it went. And to be honest, I am rough on myself always striving to do better.

So coming from a group of gamers who don’t know me, these comments are great. Now, I don’t want the Urban Terror gamers to think they will fall by the wayside. They won’t, I am watching the schedules of both Open Cup and Nations Cup and will play a big part of the action.

So to my new found gamers who continue to play Medal of Honor, thanks for the props and the warm welcome. Hopefully I can live to the expectations and the bar that I have set with the ‘test cast” I was involved in last week.

Behind the Microphone

At one time, years ago…well not that long ago, maybe 1998 I was like a sponge. I was soaking as much information as possible when it came to PC games. id Software‘s hit, Quake II had me mesmerized. From that point on, the snowball effect took control.Now, maybe it’s my age or my [lack of] attention span, or life priorities, but I am not much of a gamer now (maybe I will blame the crappy games out there). Damn skippy though, back in the day at the Netzwerk Terror LAN I would attend, I was as competitive as the next in the 1 v 1 tourney. Never did win, but I did take a third place. Once.

Since my “humble” beginnings I experienced many things, such as QuakeCon (a MUST for any gamer), software development with Urban Terror and on air commentary, previously with Team Sportscast Network and more recently with Inside The Game. To be honest, I get more pleasure talking to the gaming community, be it covering a game like Urban Terror, Medal of Honor or a plethora of other games. FIFA kicks some serious ass!I also produce two radio shows called Just Push Play, where we flashback to the 1980’s and check out movies, television, music, coin-op video games and nostalgia from a decade past. Also in support of Urban Terror I started Urban Radio, which focuses on news and notes from the community, along with some gaming action on a server provided by the community…basically it is my chance to give the community something other than a web site update.

I have all the previous Just Push Play shows now available on the site, linked to FileCloud. Currently I am putting the finishing touches on this week’s show, JPP #009 – Oswald Strikes back. The show debuts on Wednesday, January 4 at 12PST/20GMT on Inside The Game.

More recently I have agreed with start covering Medal of Honor: Allied Assault over on Clanbase with EuroCup (Obj Realism) and Nations Cup (Obj & Obj Realism). I do believe my enjoyment of casting shines in a game like MOHAA, mainly because of the what you can do with the game. The production value is extremely high and the game itself is full of atmosphere.

If you want an example of the production value of Medal of Honor, you can download this cast featuring Art of War versus [ =N3S=] I covered as a “test cast” last week. Just listen past he minor technical issues I had during the coverage that I failed to catch.