I Passed!

Leaving for work last night, I grab the mail and hop into my truck. And there, between the newspaper,, an envelope from BART. I was a bit hesitant to open it, but heavy with anticipation to see what it said. I sorta felt like Charlie, trying to pull that golden ticket for the chocolate factory. I wasted no time tearing the envelope open and slowly opening the folds.

The word, “Congratulations!” was all I needed to see to know I had successfully passed the test that was administered some two weeks ago. As I mentioned, I felt very confident going into the exam and knew I had done well, being one of what had to be a handful who actually finished in the 45 minute time frame. Now I am in a pool of candidates that will stay on file with BART for 12 months from June 22, 2006. Hopefully I will not all that time in order to get an interview.

As for the interview, no new information. There have been OJI [on the job instructors] assigned and an interview committee put together, so it sounds like the day is rapidly approaching. Coming off the success of the test, I do think it is just a matter of time before I receive a phone call or letter inviting me to an interview. This is undoubtedly the most important step in the process, but with the people I have on my side, I feel confident I will get through the interview.